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What’s So Trendy About Nike Air Force 1 That Everyone Went Crazy Over?

by Rafihat Banjo

Out of nowhere, all I see are Nike Air Force 1. Whether it’s on social media or in person, it seems that everyone is wearing these sneakers. When did Air Force 1 become so popular? Last time I checked, I thought everyone was still buying Vans? Maybe I'm just behind on fashion trends?

Nike Air Force 1 was created in 1982 by Bruce Kilgore as basketball shoes. According to the Nike website, the shoe has Nike Air technology,

“consists of pressurized air inside a tough yet flexible bag and provides more flexibility and spring without compromising structure. The Air-Sole units maintain their given form with elasticity, lower impact and keep the shoe snug and lightweight.”

Nike Air Force 1 has always been a staple in the Black community. Sneakerhead culture has always been prominent in Black culture. Sneakerheads like to collect and trade sneakers. They keep their shoes in mint condition. Recently, sneakerhead culture has started to become popular with other races and ethnic groups. Social media influencers such as Emma Chamberlain, Addison Rae, and Charli D’Amelio have influenced more people to purchase Air Force 1.

I can see why everyone is going crazy over Air Force 1, especially the all-white ones. They are slick, clean, and can be worn with almost anything. Considering bumming it all day? Air Force 1. Want to dress a bit more casual? Air Force 1. Air Force 1 is the answer to all our fashion problems. Pair Air Force 1 with any outfit, and your outfit instantly looks 10x better. You can never go wrong with Air Force 1 because they will easily match any outfit.

If you already own an all-white and all-black pair, you’re probably thinking of purchasing another pair. There are so many different colors and designs to choose from. Even if you don’t like the colorways they sell at the store, you can purchase all-white Air Force 1 and customize them to your liking. Additionally, you can choose from low, mid, or high styles.

There are different styles for Air Force 1. You have Craft, LV8, LE, Shadow, Pixel, LV8 1, Premium, LX, ’07, LV8 3, and so much more! There are even sustainable options such as Impact and Crater FlyKnit, so there are many options to choose from.

You can purchase the original Nike Air Force 1 ‘07 for $90 if you are looking for women or men sizes, or for $80 if you’re looking for kid sizes.

All in all, these sneakers are worth the price and the hype. I feel like these sneakers will last you a long time. They’re comfortable, and they will make you look stylish. These sneakers are great for pairing with chill and relaxed outfits, but they will still look like you put effort into your outfit.

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