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Weekly Round Up: Fashion Features Friday- July 27-July 31

By Katherine Tinsley

We are getting closer to the month of August and many of us are getting ready to introduce a new wardrobe. Whether you’re getting excited for fall clothes or still holding onto summer, these are the best looks of the week.

Stunning in a Little Red Dress

Street style meets movie buff

Marie Antoinette-inspired, but make it casual

Early 2000s mall looks

Pink and green is the new white and black combination

Powersuits are great for Zoom or Instagram pics

Pastels will never go out of style

Minimalism at its finest

Slip dress, sandals and sunlight

Business casual remastered

Cutoff shorts are perfect for the summer heat

Mom jeans look great year round

A yellow two-piece set and a great hair day to go with it

Comfortable and casual looks for working from home

Be right back… Gonna purchase the outfit and practice this pose

The harbor is a great accessory

Pink checkerboards are my new favorite pattern

All white even on a cloudy day

Flowers as accessories is a trend I can keep up with

Simple but flirty looks are always a great choice

Smiles and hydrangeas are a great way to accessorize

Cowboy inspired

There are different ways to describe and showcase personal style from chic, country, street, and colorful. There are a variety of ways to work with clothing, patterns, accessories, and even scenery. All of those small aspects of an outfit work together to create a beautiful look for instagram, a walk, or even just a Zoom call.

Katherine Tinsley is an editorial intern who specializes in building the bridge between the industry and culture, self care, and fostering difficult conversations.

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