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Weekly Round Up: Fashion Features Friday July 20-24

By Katherine Tinsley

There are a variety of colors, patterns and styles that are on trend for this summer. From beautiful pastels, floral patterns and athleisure, these influencers are showing their favorite ways to dress up or down this season. This week’s top 20 looks take inspiration from the Wild West and from nature.

Where the @yeehawagenda and street style meet

Flower Power on a beautiful French day

Dressed up in denim

My new uniform for Zoom classes

A perfect sunset and cream set

Blazers are for the summer too!

AKA colors are always fun and chic the only thing miss are the pearls

Red dress, red lip and a perfect hair day

The perfect outfit for a picnic for one

The modern day Studio 54 look

Popped collar with a pop of color

Tweed is always in

Suddenly, I also need two bags

Textured clothing is always a great choice

Rompers are the best part of summer

Mom jeans and chill

Boots can be worn year round if they match your outfit.

Another blazer and shorts combo

Black and gold always pairs nicely

From chic all-black suits to biker shorts, there are different ways influencers are showing how they’re styling themselves this summer. Whether your personal style is minimal, chic or athletic, there is style inspiration from a variety of influencers.

Katherine Tinsley is an editorial intern who specializes in building the bridge between the industry and culture, self care, and fostering difficult conversations.

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