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Weekly Round Up: Fashion Features Friday July 13-17

By Katherine Tinsley

We are coming towards the end of July and for many of us the summer heat is starting to cool down. This week’s fashion features are from looks all around the globe. Whether you’re enjoying a heated Southern California summer in a summer dress or a cool Scandinavian day in a sweater, there is a source of inspiration for a diversity of weather patterns and locations.

Reinventing the golf club uniform

Mini dresses and fields have never looked better

A white & black combo is still chic in summer

Now I need a sweater vest ASAP

Smiles, braids and polka dots are perfect for any season

I don’t know what I want more: the gray-on-gray fit or the sleek braid

Comfort food and cozy clothes are a dynamic duo

Channeling the early 2000s perfectly

Green-on-green and coffee will do

Colorful athleisure is a must

Dresses and sneakers are an undefeated combination

Minimalist fashion at its finest

These boots were made for walking… and Instagram

Simpson’s fan, but make it fashion

Another green-on-green look that is needed in my closet

Channeling Paris Hilton on the simple life

The perfect look for spending the day in Amsterdam

One sec, about to buy this entire fit

Simple & chic

Perfect look with beach hair

No matter where you are this season it’s easy to be fashionable and chic—whether you’re still wearing mini dresses or if you’re starting to pull out your sweaters and jackets. There is something for everyone and a little style inspiration from every part of the world.

Katherine Tinsley is an editorial intern who specializes in building the bridge between the industry and culture, self care, and fostering difficult conversations.

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