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Tips and Tricks For a Bedroom Upgrade

By Catherine Michelle

Well, it is Fall 2020 and we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Many have not returned to their college campuses or back to “normal life,” i.e. how we were living BC (before Coronavirus). This setback has been frustrating on too many levels to list but I find myself struggling with the feeling that in February, I was taking one step forward toward my future and come March I was stepping 10 years back. Like many of us, I have boomeranged back to living with my family after living on my own in NYC for seven years. I moved back to the bedroom that I decorated in 2010 while I was in 10th grade—stepping foot into my bedroom feels like a time warp, only because it is. Photos are taped up all around of myself and friends documenting our time in high school, my drawers have my old sports uniforms and my prom dresses hang in my closet. If I pause for a moment, I feel 17 again until I remember that I am 26.

After a few weeks—okay maybe a few months of living back at home in my time warp—I decided changes needed to be made and my mood was elevated almost instantly. Below are some tips for updating your living space to match your vibe in 2020.

1. Clean Out Your Closet

Go through your closet, drawers, dressers, etc. and sort out what you would like to keep, what you would like to donate and what can be thrown out. If you have any white clothing that has a few stains, you can also tie-dye them for an updated look!

2. Update Your Photos

Replace old photos with new photos! CVS has a wonderful online photo printing program. You can create an account, upload your images and within two hours, they will be printed and ready for pickup.

3. Vision Boards

Start a Pinterest vision board for what you would like to do and achieve during and post-coronavirus. My board is filled with travel inspiration; I can almost taste the tacos in Cancun and the wine in Paris.

4. Change Up Your Room Color

If you have an accent color in your room, swap out the color for one that brings you joy. I am currently in the process of swapping out all the purple in my room for green to elevate my living space and match my 26-year-old aesthetic.

5. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Incorporate flowers: fresh or faux. Flowers have a wonderful ability to shift my mood and thankfully during the summer months, they are plentiful. I enjoy bringing fresh flowers into my bedroom but if fresh flowers are not available, I highly recommend faux flowers. Even if they are not real, I promise they will uplift your mood. Faux flower arrangements are available for purchase on Amazon!

Catherine Michelle is the Contributing Editor at Large and Lead Writer for New Face Fashion Magazine and Dreamlette Magazine who focuses on exclusive interviews, reviews, makeup, fashion and more! Follow her on Instagram.

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