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This is Parker Bates

by Catherine Michelle

“I came to LA once when I was three to go to Disney Land but when me and my family moved to LA so I could act was really my first time seeing the city. I remember my parents, brother and I going around and taking pictures with a ‘Welcome to LA’ sign and the Hollywood Sign. We were so excited!”

While moving can be tough, Parker and his family eventually settled into a great community with other children around his age that he hangs out with. When he is not on set or running around with his brother and the neighborhood kids, you can find Parker on the soccer field three times a week playing for an All-Star select team as a striker.

Once relocated to LA, he did not waste time and got straight to auditioning, and one of those auditions was for This Is Us.

“I remember going to the audition knowing that I did resemble Justin a little bit, because they had already filmed the pilot, but it was really cool because I got a callback and within three days I got the job; me and my whole family were freaking out!”

When discussing the stress of auditioning he suggests persistence. “Keep trying, because sometimes you are not right for the role and they are just looking for the right kid that fits that role and feels natural.”

Parker found his first Hollywood family on This Is Us and describes how he and his co-stars hang out all the time on and offset. “I have so much fun going to any set and being on camera, but it is even better when I go back to the show because I know everyone, and it is familiar. Mandy is really fun and plays games with us and Milo encourages everyone and pumps us up for the scenes.”

I asked Parker if he and his character, Kevin, have any similarities and he responds with a chuckle and, “Well, we both have a brother and brothers fight”.

It was also all laughs on the set of his upcoming comedy feature film, Magic Max. “My mom was cracking up when we were filming.” With two dogs on set at times, including and shooting at locations rather than sets and stages, Parker got to have a whole different experience that he cannot wait to share with the world this summer. “I really love to make people laugh!”

*Seraphina tip, keep an eye out for the little red dog at the very end of the movie, that is Parker’s real dog, Archie Bell.

As for other future projects he is working on, one with his brother of course, who he says he looks up to. Parker also has the dream of playing Parker one day, Peter Parker that is, aka Spiderman. “I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was five, so I feel like I was born to play that role” I mean, can’t you see it?! Get this boy a Spiderman costume and some superpowers already!

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