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The Sixties Making a Comeback This Summer

There is no denying that the hardships faced by many this year have hit hard. Symptoms of depression rose three times higher than usual because of the repercussions of COVID-19. Currently, we are slowly but surely taking steps towards getting our pre-pandemic lives back. To escape the rain cloud that has been hovering above us for the past year, creative minds have turned to new outlets like music, fashion, and art. In fact, fashion has taken a 180° spin in the aftermath of Covid.

The decade of flower power is arguably one of the most fun and energetic eras for fashion. From floral prints and trippy patterns to bright color palettes and flowing shapes, iconic sixties fashion elements speak to a light-hearted and carefree attitude. In recent years, a minimalistic style and neutral color palette have taken over the racks at everyone’s favorite stores. Fun patterns seemed to have been completely eliminated, with only the occasional sad houndstooth or striped shirt thrown in the mix. But the tables have turned and the fashion community is brightening up their look to bring some joy and peace of mind. Here’s some of the retro realness you’ll be seeing this summer!

1. Earthy Tones

The first and most important thing to cover is the new season’s color palette. One of the most iconic achievements of sixties fashion was its ability to juxtapose nature-inspired tones with a color scheme that is bright and fun. Olive and Citrus, flamingo pinks and deep mauves, burnt oranges, and Cerulean -- These are definitive colors from 60 years ago. They will definitely be incorporated through tops, bottoms, and accessories alike.

2. Flared Cuts

Whether it’s bell-bottoms or bell sleeves, this splayed style will be either slimming or emphasizing in all the right places. To be honest, we have no idea why it went out of style anyway! Flares just add a little je ne sais quoi, elevating an otherwise basic look. When it comes to sleeves, the flattering look adds a regal yet carefree vibe to an outfit. Dresses with this shape channel major Sharon Tate vibes. It’s time to raid your grandmother’s closet to get that authentic bell-style look!

3. Patterns

Say goodbye to plaid and welcome paisley into your closet because fun and asymmetrical patterns are all the rage. Psychedelic, colorful, and intricate looks will be found on the trendiest fashion influencers as you scroll through your timeline. Whether it’s your blouse or a hair scarf, these patterns help you give off a summery look while lounging on the beach. It’s hard to go wrong with something so easygoing and personal.

4. Shoes

Go-go boots are easily the most memorable shoes of the sixties, but in the summer heat, they aren’t the most practical. However, there are still a few ways to channel the go-go vibes. Strappy platform sandals elongate the legs and always adds a touch of class. A basic flip flop sandal or kitten heel is another great choice when you want to add a feminine touch without reaching too out of bounds in terms of comfort. A little heel will always go a long way!

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