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The New Normal - Incorporating Masks into our Daily Fashion

By Gina Brogna

Up until 2020, we would have never thought that face masks would become the primary accessory in our daily fashion essentials. When the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread globally, medical masks, and anything else people could find as face coverings were anything but fashionable. As we all began to settle into our new reality, face masks began to evolve, starting with medical masks to basic fabric masks, and then moving to more fashionable face coverings. There are now endless ways to incorporate different styles of masks into your own daily fashion and truly make it match your personality. Who knew face masks could be trendy?

Some business-minded people have jumped on the opportunity to begin making face masks to sell. You can purchase from these small businesses to help support others surviving the pandemic, as well as there are tons of brands we already know and love who have added face masks to their product selection, full of fun styles to choose from. Whether you shop for your masks or have a creative hand and design your own, these are some fun ideas to spice up your mask game:

For luxury lovers, you can try adding some designer inspired masks into your look. Many new face masks brands have made masks using fabric that features your favorite designer’s logos. From Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and more, you can add this designer touch to your outfit without the designer prices when you buy these inspired masks. Depending on your look, many of these designer logo masks are sold in multiple colors across different brands.

If you are all about some bougie bling, there’s a mask out there for you too. Bejeweled masks are a fabulous and easy way to dress up your look without much effort. This also makes for a perfect quarantine DIY project! Instead of buying bling masks, you can make your own and design the jewels in any way you like to really make it your own. Pick up some plain fabric face masks, some fabric glue (try E6000 Clear Adhesive, a tried and true inexpensive adhesive that works wonders for fabrics with incredible hold - thank us later), and some gems of your choice. Decorate your mask with gems throughout the mask, or create your own fun decorative designs with the jewels.

Looking for a sustainable solution? There are a few ways you can go about incorporating sustainable fashion even in your mask. Shop for masks made with recycled materials like recycled cotton, or create your own recycled mask. Grab a shirt or two you don’t really wear anymore (perhaps with some unique designs), and cut out enough fabric to cover from over your nose to under your chin. You can use a sewing machine if you have some sewing talent, but hand-sewing does the trick just as well here. Sew two layers together for extra protection, and sew in some elastics to go around your ears. By recycling what you already have, you’re helping to save our planet one mask at a time.

If you’re a creative soul at heart, try turning a basic fabric mask into a one-of-a-kind with fabric paint. With this method of fabulousness, you can truly make your mask express your inner personality. Be as free as you wish, and paint on some cute designs, patterns, or illustrations of whatever you choose. The sky's the limit! Let your inner artist come to life.

Quotes are a good way to add a unique touch to your look. Whether your quoted mask is ironic, funny, or voices serious matters, this is a way to wear your personality right on your face. Shop masks that have some of your favorite quotes from movies, TV shows, songs, or inspirational statements. You can even create your own custom quoted mask with those leftover gems for a sparkly statement or get creative with that fabric paint.

These quarantine-chic ways to dress up your mask will keep your fashion game going strong. There are countless ways to incorporate face masks into our fashion as it becomes part of our new normal, let your creativity take the reigns. Not only this, but by wearing other options of face coverings rather than medical masks, you help prevent the shortage of medical-grade masks for frontline workers who need them most. Your unique and trendy new masks not only add a personal touch to your fashion, but it helps out the greater good. While we’re all surviving what seems to be the apocalypse of 2020, at least we can look fabulous doing it.

Gina Brogna is an editorial writer who specializes in fashion and beauty trends as well as fashion event coverage.

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