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Ten Apps to Help You Survive The Summer

We’re almost there! Stores are selling pool noodles and goggles. Fireworks and s’mores are right around the corner. School is coming to a close, and summer is just getting started. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or getting some study time in, these apps will help you make the most of your summer break.

Jackbox Games

Having a group of friends or family over, but not sure what games to play? Jackbox Games offers a collection of different activities, from Trivia Murder Party, where you have to answer trivia questions correctly to win, to Quiplash, where you answer different prompts and everyone votes on the best answer. Because you use your phone as your remote, cleanup is quick and easy, and the games really pack a punch. Our only drawback is that the bundle costs $25 on the app store, but it’s worth the investment!

Drawful 2

If you’re looking for a sample of Jackbox Games but don’t want to spend all that money just yet, Drawful 2 is a great game to play with family and friends. Here, you use your phone to play, drawing pictures following the game’s prompts and then trying to guess what they are. Points are awarded for the most outrageous guess, the funniest drawing, and the guess closest to the answer!


From the creators of Ellen’s hit app Heads Up!, Psych! is a handheld multiplayer game. The objective is to create fake answers to trivia questions. The more people you can trick into picking your false answer, the more points you win. This game is free and fun for all ages.

Sky: Children of Light

If you’re looking for a free multiplayer adventure game, Sky: Children of Light may be for you. The game immerses you in the Kingdom of Sky, where you and your friends must travel across seven realms to return fallen stars to the constellations. Sky: Children of Light can be played through single or multiplayer and was named iPhone Game of the Year in 2019 for its stunning graphics, accessibility, and calming atmosphere.


If you find yourself looking up at the night sky and wondering what’s there, Skyview is sure to help. Simply open the app and point your phone toward the stars, and Skyview will tell you what celestial bodies are above you that evening. From constellations to planets to potential meteor showers, Skyview has the info on what’s up above, and for free!

Ground News

There are so many different news sources out there these days that it can be hard to keep track of what to look at. And when you do, it may be even harder to know what sources to trust. Ground News allows you to compare news articles side by side, fact check as you read, and draw conclusions for yourself. If you’re working to stay informed this summer, this app is for you!


Books are expensive, and so are audiobooks. So if you’re looking for a good beach read at the low price of nothing, consider downloading Libby to your iPhone or Android. This popular library app gives you access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks at the press of a button. If you have a Kindle or the Kindle app, your Libby books can even be downloaded directly to your device for easy offline reading.


If you’re not a big reader but are still looking for some great stories, check out Webtoon, a comic app that gives you access to thousands of episodes of ongoing comics in a range of genres. The app is completely free but may limit your access to comics per day depending on whether or not you have a subscription.

Strides: Goal and Habit Tracker

It can be hard to stay motivated in the summer. Strides: Goal and Habit Tracker is a free app that tracks your goals, from making sure you drink enough water each day to working on completing a summer project. With Strides: Goal and Habit Tracker, you can keep track of your progress and reward yourself as you work to break bad habits, get through your summer reading list, or even just make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


If you’re struggling to stay focused on summer work, want to spend time on an activity uninterrupted, or just need something to keep you off your phone for a bit, Forest is a great app to consider. For two dollars, you can open Forest, which plants a real tree when you sit down to focus. If you leave the app, the tree you planted will wilt. Unlock different types of trees and plant an entire forest just by staying on task!

Whether you’re working hard, playing hard, or somewhere in between, these apps will help you have fun no matter what your plans are this summer.

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