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Teeny Wee Cosmetics Founder: Sasha Anne

by Aida Toro

Tis’ the season for glamour, glitz, and everything nice. The girl that will make you feel this way inside and out this holiday season is Beauty Influencer, Sasha Anne. Sasha Anne is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and is the founder of Teeny Wee Cosmetics. Teeny Wee was founded two years ago and onl carries lip glosses at the moment, which are PETA certified, moisturizing, pigmented and perfect to take on the go.

“I followed my dreams and created a makeup company and I hope that I inspire other young girls to follow their dreams and do what they’re passionate about,” she said.

Sasha Anne’s idea for Teeny Wee came about when she was trying to figure out a cosmetics product that wasn’t out on the market during that time. She remembered when her mom would go out at night, she always brought out a small evening bag, however, the issue was that she couldn’t fit her cell into her small clutch since she would toss in a standard size gloss or lipstick. Her mother would end up asking Sasha Anne’s father to hold her lipstick or gloss for her. From this very moment, Sasha Anne came up with the idea for a tiny lip gloss that can fit into one’s small purse or pocket and can be taken on the go.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Sasha Anne became a beauty influencer. Her quest to being a beauty influencer is admirable as she was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was in third grade, which made it extremely hard for her to express herself. As Sasha Anne got older, she discovered the wonders cosmetics offer. Therefore, she figured she could express herself through different makeup looks based on her emotions as well as through dance and music.

“I started dancing when I was three and I did ballet but then stopped and got into gymnastics and did that for a few years,” said Sasha Anne. 

At age nine, Sasha Anne got into Hip Hop, which she practiced till she graduated high school. She also had the privilege to attend a summer dance and theatre intensive camp when she was 17. She learned more forms of dance including modern, musical theatre, jazz, and tap. Sasha Anne also had the opportunity to learn from Marissa Perry from Hairspray, Ariana Grande’s choreographer, and a dancer who was in Mary Poppins on Broadway. 

“I was also the captain of my dance team in high school,” she said. “We did a competition and I loved it and miss it so much.”

While she danced, Sasha Anne started her YouTube channel in 2013 which consisted of fun videos she would film. She made videos called “What’s On My iPhone”, “What Music I Listen To” and clothing haul clips. She then discovered Kandee Johnson, Jaclyn Hill, and Bethany Mota, which inspired her to get into makeup tutorials. 

“I then started to do videos like ‘My Everyday Makeup Routine’ and ‘My Fall Makeup Look’,” said Sasha Anne. “I also watched my mom put on makeup and I wanted to try it out.”

As a result, she bought a bunch of makeup and spent hours in the bathroom testing new products. Her channel started to grow from her makeup transformations and tutorials. 

“I always do fun makeup transformations during Halloween,” said Sasha Anne. “I’ve done Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, a modern Cinderella makeup transformation and more.”

Sasha Anne loves Disney so much that she really enjoys creating transformations based on the princesses and villains. Of course, she also does research to see what’s new and trending.

“I look forward to expanding my cosmetics line, once I get my new packaging in and I also look forward to promoting my company on my YouTube channel and making more videos,” said Sasha Anne. “I am also working on my first album and hope it becomes a success. I, of course, would also love to get into dance again.”

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