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Teenage Basic Hair Care Tips for Lovely Locks

by Robert Nazzaretto. Co-Owner of Artists and Architects Salon

After close to 15 years in the beauty industry, I have definitely noticed a few things regarding teen hair care that can be very helpful. Probably the most important advice I can give a teen

to keep their hair looking healthy is to get regular haircuts or trims. So often I see teenage girls that go very long periods of time in between haircuts because they are overly attached to their length. This causes the ends of the hair to split very badly, and because of that

the hair is very difficult to brush through. Keeping your ends freshly cut will lead to a much better aesthetic appearance. Call it a haircut, a trim, a dusting… whatever, just make your visits to the salon consistent.

Another tip I can give is to use hair products that are specifically formulated for your hair type. Often times, I see teens just use whatever shampoo or conditioner that is laying around. We want to avoid this “one size fits all” type attitude towards hair products. If you fight frizz, your products should encourage the smoothing out the hair cuticle. If the hair seems overly greasy, use a product formulated to regulate this challenge. Using the correct products can make a teen's life so much easier and will lead to a much more consistent result.

I think the last little tip I will give is to really try your hardest to not blast your hair with excessive heat on a regular basis. I see many teens come into the salon with damage because of the over use of flat irons or other hot tools. Adjusting the temperature on your tools will prevent breakage, especially in the weaker and more fragile areas like the fringe and hairline. Some of these tools go as high as 450-475 degrees and are meant to be used very carefully. If you do use hot tools for styling, you should always prime your hair first with some sort of heat protectant spray and the hair should always be properly conditioned. So, between regular trims, using the correct products for each hair type, and avoiding too much direct heat, I think teens will have a much better chance at enjoying their hair. Healthy hair is happy hair, and happy hair always looks the best.

@ artistsandarchitects

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