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Sydney Stromme: A Young Female Force

by Aida Toro

Editorial by Shannon Sewell

Sydney Stromme is not your typical baby face darling. With ambitions and maturity of most college students, she is prepared to take on the world by storm. When I first interviewed Sydney, I didn’t think she was 15 years old at all. She may have an adorable, childlike look, but don’t let the face fool you. Her big heart matches her personality and her mother, Audra, told me right off the bat that Sydney’s maturity and drive is pretty stellar. Sydney Stromme is anything but typical.

“I started modeling at the age of eight,” said Sydney. “My older sister took pictures of me and sent them to an agency and they called my mom the next day.”

She was a little surprised because she had no idea her sister sent those photos over to the agency. Sydney was represented by the San Francisco based Scout Model and Talent Agency as well as Niya Models in Utah. Nowadays, she is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I enjoy modeling because it is fun to get dressed up and turn into a different person for a short period of time,” she said. 

Not to mention, that she gets the chance to make a little money for herself, she said to me with a snicker.

“Her dad and I enjoy that Sydney absolutely loves to work,” said Audra. “Modeling has prepared her for a lot of things in life.”

Some of Sydney’s biggest projects consisted of doing a commercial for luxurious Lexus, a commercial for ASUS Computers and Dell, and many more, Stromme, however, considers any project she works on with our Seraphina photographer, Shannon Sewell, her favorite.

“I’ve never done a shoot I didn’t far,” said Sydney with a giggle.

Like any other teenager, Sydney has her hobbies. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and enjoys archery, which she’s been actively practicing since she was ten years old. 

To top it off, Sydney also volunteers at the homeless shelter. She loves helping people at all times, especially the homeless as she always wants to give them everything she can, even when they are out on the street. The streets can be dangerous, which is why her parents set her up at an organization that will be safe for her to volunteer at. 

Although she is a successful teen model and enjoys Archery and volunteering at a homeless shelter, Sydney encounters a couple of obstacles here and there.

“The biggest challenge is balancing my time,” she said. “Sometimes I am on set for 12 hours straight, especially with commercials.”

She said she has to balance her time for her studies as well as for her friends. Fortunately, Sydney is blessed to have her parents support her every step of the way as they always keep her very grounded.  

“I assist Sydney with anything she needs,” said Audra. “From driving her to auditions and making sure she stays on track with school work. It’s a full-time job whenever she is actively working.”

Sydney mentioned her next major project is to go to Los Angeles and meet with some agencies. She is in a transitioning process from being a child model to an adult model, which she is very excited about. Sydney also hopes to continue with modeling and acting once she graduates from high school 

“I will definitely go to college in California and continue to work in the industry,” she said with


Sydney also plans on pursuing Marine Biology in college. It’s always been her dream since she was a little girl because she loves the ocean, is an Aquarius, and is passionate about animals. She said she’s always had an obsession with dolphins and whales, which is why she wants to study them in order to assist them. Of course, Sydney wants to be an advocate for marine life protection. 

“She knows how to work hard and be humble about her successes,” said Audra about Sydney. “We love that about her.”

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