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Street Styles of Fashion Week

By Jasmine Dalrymple

Due to the precautions, it was evident we wouldn’t have seen as many street styles during the fashion weeks as we are used to seeing. But many street style walkers have made it possible to go out and show off their fashionable looks in New York, London, and Milan. Check out the popular styles that draped across the streets from New York to Milan.

Combat Boots

For street walking, many have opted for this chunky classic boot. For the reason of, as pictured above, it can suit any piece of clothing. The thick sole boot is comfortable for walking around the streets, and also holds a stylish leathered style. This shoe is constructed to enhance comfort and durability while you walk, and there is no question why it was a popular street style look during fashion week.

Cami Tops

Cami looks are the go-to look not only for off duty models, but for anyone. These spaghetti-strapped tops are a simple and chic look that can be worn solely or layered underneath a top or sweater. Cami’s give simplicity to fashion, and they are made up of various fabrics, satin, nylon, silk, and cotton, which gives a variety of comfortable choices.

The Blues

Since the 2020 color of the year is classic blue, we are no doubt seeing shades of blue on the streets. Blue is a vibrant and dark color that comes in many different arrays that suit your taste. Since there are only a few more months left on this color, many streetwalkers are enjoying their last precious moments with blue.

White Boots

These boots are made for walking! Whether they are knee-high boots or ankle boots, white boots are stepping into the streets everywhere. It isn’t hard to pair white with any color. White is a fashionable matching color that combines with anything. With so many varieties of color pairings, it's no wonder why white boots were a hot shoe choice.

Puffy Sleeves

These power puff sleeves were everywhere on the runways for fall 2020 clothing and will seep into spring 2021 clothing as well. So this street style will probably stick around for a couple more seasons, which we can see why the sleeve's puff feature broadens the arms and shoulders, giving a powerful effect.

Spring Pastels

Aside from the looks that bled off of the 2020 fall runways, there were also Spring 2021 colors present. Pastels colors are the new hue trends of Spring 2021. Many street goers chose to wear these beautiful pastel colors, making a colorful statement to get out of 2020 and move on to the next year.


A head-to-toe leather look and a simple leather jacket are also present looks in streetwear. Leather is a material that automatically displays toughness and edge. Wearing leather from head-to-toe is an eager look to portray a profound fashion statement. Keeping leather simple is also a lovely way to go. You can just stick with a classic black leather jacket overtop of any casual outfit.

Jasmine Dalrymple is an editorial intern specializing in trend forecast writing in beauty, fashion and events.

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