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Staple Items Every Hijabi Needs in Their Closet During the Summer

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

by Jennah Owda

As a hijabi, it can get tiring hearing the constant phrase, “Aren’t you hot in that?” The answer is most certainly yes; it does get hot being fully covered in 90-degree weather. To help fight this heat, here are five staple items that every hijabi needs in their closet to keep cool during the summer months.

High Neck Tank Bodysuits

While shopping for my trip to the hot state of Utah, I realized my long sleeve turtlenecks that I usually wear under my shackets (a cross between a shirt and a jacket) are not suitable for the 100-degree weather. Tank tops were not an option due to their low-cut neckline, and t-shirts under a jean jacket were just as uncomfortable. I was left stumped. After going to many stores, I finally stumbled upon a high-neck tank bodysuit. With the top being high cut, I did not have to worry about covering my neck. The best part is that it is sleeveless meaning it is perfect for layering. As a hijabi, we are constantly having to layer in order to make a piece modest. While layering is cute at times, in the summer it can become a sweaty mess. With this bodysuit, layering becomes simple.

Linen Trousers

As big of a fan as I am of the baggy denim jean look this year, it is not realistic for a hijabi in the summer. Denim is one of the heaviest clothing materials, and while it perfects the street style look, it can quickly become uncomfortable. Just as trendy, but instead great for the summer are linen trousers. These breezy pants terminate the unwanted chafing. Not to mention, they are also perfect for the beach. They can be dressed up with a cute oversized blazer and jewelry, or dressed down with a graphic tee and some sneakers. Most importantly, they will keep your legs cool while also staying covered.

Turtleneck Dickey Collar

The moment I came across this item, shopping became so much easier. A turtleneck dickey collar, also known as mock turtlenecks, is a false shirt front that goes under a top to give the illusion of a layered look. Many times, I have seen shirts and refused to buy them due to having to put a long sleeve turtleneck under the top to cover my chest and neck. Once I found the fake collar, I was able to buy low cut tops without having to worry about being extremely hot. They can be worn under a V-neck dress or even under a crew neck. The look of a turtleneck has been trending all year, but let's be honest, who actually likes wearing a long sleeve under lots of layers? A mock turtleneck is truly one of the best and most convenient purchases.

White Button-Up Blouses

White button-up blouses are a classic piece that never goes out of style. The light, flowy top is a lifesaver when wanting to layer in the summer but not die of heat. I personally love pairing my button-ups with a cropped colorful sweater vest, giving very much an academia aesthetic. This item is definitely the most fun to style because of its versatility. I have about three white button-up blouses in three different styles. My favorite button-up blouse to style is one that cinches at the waist. I pair this style with a trendy belt bag to bring the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Cropped Cardigans

One of the most frustrating things while shopping as a hijabi is the struggle of finding long sleeve sundresses. While we want to participate in the cottagecore aesthetic, it can be difficult when every dress has spaghetti straps. Instead of layering the dress with a long sleeve under the dress, next time opt for a cropped cardigan over the dress. It does the job of covering your arms and chest while also complementing the dress. It is especially cute when it is the exact color of the dress. Who doesn't like a monochromatic moment?

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