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Social Media Trends: Week of June 29th

By Natalie Daniels

As we wrapped up the month of June (otherwise called the first month of summer), social media saw various different challenges, trends and products. Here are some of the trends of the week of June 29th.

1. Pride Month

As Pride Month came to a close, multiple TikTok creators and Instagram influencers gave their support to the LGBTQIA+ community through lengthy posts about Pride or videos of content creators applying makeup in the colors of the flag. The official TikTok account gave recognition to 25 trailblazing LGBTQIA+ creators. Sephora also hopped in on the support by uploading a video on IGTV highlighting drag makeup throughout the years.

2. Maybe It’s Maybelline Challenge

Maybelline is having a contest on TikTok where people can upload a video of their makeup transformation to the tune of their jingle for the chance to win $500 worth of their products. Content creators like @lexibrookerivera as well as others are participating in the challenge.

3. Kylie Cosmetics Bronzer Stick

Kylie Cosmetics released a bronzer stick with six different shades: light, light medium, medium, tan, deep and dark. Each stick costs $16 each and the product launched on Wednesday, July 1 at 9 a.m. PT.

4. Green Screen Sky

Tik Tok has created a #greenscreensky effect for users. People can pick a video from their camera roll, look up, and then show their audience what’s in the sky. Users have added colorful volcanoes, views from airplanes and funny furry creatures to their otherwise normal videos. Multiple Tik Tok creators posted videos using this effect.

5. Raise Your Voice

Essence holds a #RaiseYourVoice event every week in support of the fight against racism and fighting for justice. Black content creators, politicians, actors, comedians, and singers speak on the Essence Tik Tok account about how they use their platforms to “Raise their voice” for different causes.

Natalie Daniels is an editorial intern for Dreamlette. She is a journalism major at Emerson College with a love of storytelling. Her favorite topics include entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, social issues, and music.

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