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Savannah Maddison

by Reagan Dellinger

Savannah Maddison, a 19-year-old country-pop artist, published author, philanthropist and social media influencer took the time to sit down and talk with us about her career, past time, dreams and more. 

As a young Florida native, Savannah says she has always loved to sing and perform. She especially remembers singing non-stop in the car on road trips or drives to the grocery store, but only because she liked it, not yet knowing what would become of her voice. At seven years old, she starred in Grease, her first-ever play, and at just ten years old, she received an email that kicked off her singing career. After applying to sing the national anthem for the Miami Heat and being chosen, Savannah was both shocked and nervous but knew it would be an incredible opportunity. As soon as she started performing in front of thousands of people, she knew that singing and performing was not only her calling but her dream. After her very first singing gig, she continued to perform for the Miami Heat and the Carolina Panthers. Alongside singing, Savannah has many passions and excels in many areas including writing and philanthropy.

While still in Elementary school and singing in front of large crowds of people at professional sporting events, Savannah was also passionate about helping and serving others. She decided to write a song in honor of her childhood best friend whose father was deployed to Afghanistan for over a year. “After finally understanding why her dad was being sent off for so long, I wanted to do something for her, and also reach other people like her who were going through the same thing,” said Savannah. 

Once the song was released, Savannah started an organization called “Savannah’s Soldiers,” where she sent letters of encouragement to those in the military. She formed a program within her organization and traveled to other schools to speak and collect letters, later being invited to The Today Show to talk about her philanthropic organization. 

Today, over 350,000 letters of encouragement and gratitude have been sent to those deployed and in the military. In addition, over one million kids have heard Savannah's story and have learned about the importance of service and following their dreams, just like Savannah did and continues to do today.

At 16 years old, Savannah signed with Creative Arts Agency and moved to Nashville to pursue her singing career. Since then, Savannah has continued her education and now attends college in Nashville, while still releasing new music. After talking with many people in the industry about her experiences and passions, she was encouraged to write a book. Through hard work and determination, Savannah is now a published author of the book titled, “Sincerely: YOU, Letter Writing to Change the World.”

“I never thought that I would write a book or even be a published author one day. But I am so lucky to have such a great team and family behind me that helps me do all of these things. I couldn't do any of it without them.”

Changing the world just doesn't even cover it. Savannah is an inspiration to many and uses her platforms to not only create a brand for herself but also to encourage others and make them smile. With over 38k followers on Instagram and 200k on Tiktok, Savannah keeps her followers updated on all of the newest trends she loves, the dances she is learning, what music she is coming out with, and more. With this many followers, many fall in the “way of the world” or get bogged down by all of the negativity, but Savannah is not bothered. Although she has already done so much at such a young age, she is the definition of humble and kind. 

“If someone leaves a mean comment on one of my posts, I reply back with something kind. Almost nine times out of ten, they reply back apologizing and explaining that they were having a bad day and took it out on me, something of that sort.”

Savannah believes that kindness is the answer to everything, and in order to be treated with kindness, you have to do the same. She encourages everyone to always follow their dreams and reach for the stars, no matter how far they may be, and to never get caught up in what others think of you. Because of this, Savannah believes she is the person she is today, along with the help of a great family and team, of course.

Savannah has a new single “If You Can”, out on multiple music platforms, and just released the acoustic version as well. This summer she will be on tour in ten different cities with Top Ten Global Influencer duo Cash and Maverick. The tour, Elevation, is scheduled to start in July. 

After quarantine, Savannah is looking forward to getting out and carrying on with her normal routine. One thing, in particular, she is excited about are Spring and Summer clothes. “I love matching sets. Anything pink, floral, chic, that’s me,” Savannah said. We love everything about Savannah, her style, personality, energy, passion and creativity and can't wait to see what great things she will do next. 

Stay updated with all things Savannah Maddison by following her on all social media platforms and joining her #Safannah mailing list on her website

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