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Rumor Has It Adele Is Coming Out With An Album

by Jennah Owda

After the number 30 mysteriously appeared on billboards in over 35 countries, Adele fans are convinced that the queen of pop is about to drop an album. To tease these eager fans, even more, the English singer posted a black and white clip onto Instagram with the caption “Easy On Me - October 15,” which would be the first single that the singer has dropped after her five-year hiatus. The post received over 4 million likes and 13 million views, making it safe to say that the whole world loves Adele. To get us even more excited and eager, I think it is only right that we bring attention to the singer’s hottest hits that we never stopped playing, even during her five-year hiatus.

“Rolling in the Deep”

The ballad that was released in 2011 had every person in their feels, including 10-year-old me. The song that was written after Adele’s breakup with her long-term boyfriend hit number one and stayed number one for 7 weeks straight, undoubtedly making her one of the hottest artists of that year.

“Rumor Has It”

Also a part of her 2011 album “21,” the song “Rumor Has It” quickly became a hit regardless of the song not being a single. The song, which is full of soul and sass, was number one for two weeks straight. Her 2011 album was full of hits that just kept on giving.

“When We Were Young”

Adele’s second single released from her “25” album has been trending all over TikTok with over 11 thousand videos using the sound. The ballad that focuses on growing old while being in love has fans all over TikTok screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. The single truly made fans feel like they were in a movie.


The song that would play non-stop on the radio slowly became a meme on social media platforms, but that is not to say that it was a bad song. The ballad was streamed on Spotify 47.5 million times after its first week of being released. This song holds a special place in many hearts, especially since it was one of the top hits from the last album she dropped over five years ago.

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