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Raegan Revord is Making Her Mark on the World

by Aida Toro

“Since I was a toddler I’ve always loved performing and making people laugh,” said Reagan Revord. “I would put on concerts and performances for my family and friends.”

Revord started filming commercials when she was four. Her love for being on set arrived from her time filming commercials. She instantly caught the attention of a family friend that owned a talent agency, which put her on the map. Two years passed and Revord was hooked to being in front of the camera. Therefore, she told her parents that she wanted to star in movies and television shows as she wanted to do more than commercials. Revord has starred in shows such as Modern Family, Grace and Frankie, Teachers, and Alexa and Katie. Nowadays, she plays Missy Cooper’s part in CBS’s Young Sheldon.

“My favorite one besides Young Sheldon is Modern Family,” she said. “That was my first experience working on a big show and I loved it!”

After wrapping up for the week, Revord asked her mom, “how can I be on a TV show every week without auditioning for it every time?” Her mother then became aware that Revord wanted to become a regular on a television series.

Now that she plays Missy on Young Sheldon, I asked Revord how she felt about playing her. She said she can relate to Missy in ways, even though they are growing up in different time periods. Revord said she and Missy are pretty simple girls as they love playing with their toys, listening and dancing to music, as well as being sarcastic.

“I’m not as rude as missy though,” said Revord with a chuckle. “I’d be in so much trouble!”

Aside from being behind the screen, Revord is an avid reader and an animal lover. She launched her book club on her Instagram a couple of months ago because she loves reading and wants to share the books she is reading with other people to hopefully inspire them to read. Revord and I can relate pretty darn well on books, as her favorite literary genres are mystery and adventure. 

“I love when you are reading a good mystery book and the feeling of holding your breath waiting to see what happens,” said Revord with excitement. 

She also loves the smell of old books and can’t name just one favorite book because it is highly impossible since she loves every single book she reads.

“Is there even such a thing as a bad book?” she asked.

Once she puts her book down, Revord considers herself to be a professional pretender because she pretends all the time at home with her toys and her stuffed animals. Her love of pretending to be other characters is what also introduced her to acting. 

“Now I pretend to be Missy Cooper, a ten-year-old girl growing up in 1989,” said Revord.

As for animals, Revord said she has a love for all of them, however, her two favorite animals are horses and dogs. When she is older, she wants to buy as many acres as she could and place as many rescued animals as she can on her land. 

“My spirit animal is a Peregrine Falcon,” she said. “They are wild and free, adventurous, and like to be in a tree.”

Want to join me for a good read with Raegan? Follow the hashtag #readingwithraegan to join the reading extravaganza!

Article by Aida Toro

Photographic editorial by Shannon Sewell.

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