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Nail Inspo for the Fall

by Jennah Owda

Getting your nails done is a great form of self-love and appreciation. Whether you love a full set of acrylics or a regular gel manicure, getting your nails done will make you feel on top of the world. 2021 has been full of maximalist-inspired trends that embrace neon colors and fun patterns. If you want to start participating in the popular nail trends, here are a few nail inspirations for the coming season.

Colorful French Tips

Although the classic white square tips are classy and eternal, colorful French tips have taken over. A deep mocha brown French tip with a glossy clear coat is perfect for the fall. You can also have alternating colors instead of just one solid color on your tips. If that sounds too simple for you, do not fret! French tips have become even more intricate, with patterns painted onto the tips of our nails, so do not be afraid to add a cute fall-inspired design!

Squiggle Nail Design

This seemingly intricate design that has been seen on celebrities like Kylie Jenner is actually a DIY-able nail design! Mixing and matching different earth tone colors to match the fall vibes is a fun way to add a little bit of spice for the upcoming season. The best part about this design is that it looks great on all nail lengths, so if you aren’t into the long acrylic look, you can still participate in this trend.

Animal Print

If I am going to be completely honest, I usually stay away from animal print, but I cannot deny how cute it looks on a freshly painted nail. Cow print has been a trending nail design for all of 2021; in the summer, the print was mixed with bright colors like hot pink and orange, and now that it’s the fall time, brown cow print is in and better than ever. Like the squiggle nail design, this look suits any nail shape.

Spooky Season

October is creeping up on us, which means nail designs referencing our favorite spooky movies. “Jennifer’s Body” has gained lots of popularity this year and has inspired many Halloween costumes. The iconic horror film is also a great source of inspiration for nails. Jennifer’s classic heart jacket in the movie would be an easy design to replicate on pink and black painted nails. Who doesn’t want to look like Megan Fox?

Anything Brown

I may be slightly biased because brown is my favorite color, but brown is the new black! The earth tone shade has become one of the most popular colors of 2021. Any nail design with the color brown will do! Whether it be the trendy Powerpuff girl heart design or a geometric design, any shade of brown will make for a cute fall nail look.

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