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Look the Part: How to Boost Remote Productivity

By Corinne Dorsey

When navigating my apparel in the workplace, the phrase that often comes to mind is ”dress for the job that you want.” This phrase continues to be true as we navigate the new lifestyle of lockdown and self-isolation. Lockdown attire has transitioned to sweatpants and sweatshirts, which has shifted the workplace to a more relaxed sector. The simple and laid back apparel may seem satisfying at first but can cause a ripple in the consistent productivity of your work life. If you spend your days in clothing that signals relaxation, your mind will have a harder time entering into work mode. We have to dress for the productivity we want.

Getting Dressed will Help you Focus on Professional Tasks

The simple act of dressing for your day sets a tone of productivity and purpose that has psychological and emotional benefits for overall efficiency. Dressing up in quarantine will offer a sense of normalcy, as we adjust to the new challenges of remote working. This doesn’t mean putting on a two-piece suit, but rather waking up and dressing with a clear intention for the rest of your day. A simple change in wardrobe could be grabbing a pair of your favorite denim jeans paired with a white tee and your favorite shoe at the moment. You’ll be surprised at the effect it will have on your work and how you view yourself while in the house.

Clothing Affects your Mindset and Confidence

Carolyn Mair, a behavioral psychologist and author of “Psychology of Fashion,” told NBC News that “Unless we’re naked, our appearance is mainly made up of our clothing. Therefore, clothing is fundamental to how we are perceived. In turn, this affects our sense of self-worth and ultimately, how we see ourselves compared with others, our self-esteem.” Clothing is a key aspect of self-expression, which is linked to the overall mood, so choosing to get dressed up can be a great addition to changing your perception of life in quarantine. Since clothing has a direct effect on confidence, try to put on clothes that make you feel good. Whether it be sweats or a suit, getting dressed to improve confidence will impact your efficiency at work as well.

Getting Dressed with Intent will Help Maintain Routine

Although spending your quarantine in pajamas may seem desirable, dressing with intent will have major effects even if you just put on a new pair of sweats or leggings. This simple change in daily routine will help you think more clearly, act more professionally if you’re working from home. Consider setting up a daily routine for yourself after you choose your outfit. Whether it be making breakfast before a certain time or even beginning your first task once you stay consistent, overall set productivity will improve. Setting up a time to wake up and get ready for the day will impact your ability and interest to do more while at home. These small changes will have a huge impact on remote work and grant you the opportunity to have a sense of normalcy while being at home.

Choosing to get dressed every day also grants you the opportunity to experiment with your style. While choosing your daily outfits when working remotely, try new fits that you wouldn’t normally wear. This gives you the ability to be creative and have fun with your style.

Mini-Style Guide:

Wondering where you want to start in your quarantine style? New Face Magazine has compiled a mini-style guide of different outfits ideas to wear in a week.

Monday: For Monday’s look consider wearing something more laid back, as you begin to prepare for your workweek. Monday’s look can be a simple white T-shirt with a solid pair of sweatpants. This look can also be paired with a comfortable cardigan. Monday’s look is comfy and put together, which keeps you dressed with intention and comfort. This look would be perfect with merely any hairstyle and subtle make-up to complement the simple taste. For jewelry consider wearing your favorite watch and a pair of silver hoops.

Tuesday: For Tuesday’s look consider wearing a pair of your favorite leggings and an adorable oversized sweater paired with your favorite cozy socks to complete the comfortable look. This cozy look is perfect for a messy bun and light mascara duo. Compliment the look with subtle stud earrings and a pendant necklace.

Wednesday: As you approach the half-way point of your workweek, Wednesday’s look will continue to be relaxed. Consider wearing your favorite two-piece tracksuit for a stylish and sporty put together look. This look is perfect for your favorite up-do hairstyle and a makeup free day. Since you are going for the sporty look, grab your favorite hoop earrings and a watch to pair with the outfit.

Thursday: For Thursday’s outfit prepare a look that will boost your confidence for the week. Thursday’s look can be one of your favorite flowy dresses that will propel your work efficiency to the next level. This is the perfect time to do something glamorous with your hair like loose curls and a makeup look that pops! The jewelry for the outfit can remain minimal for this look.

Friday: You’ve finally finished your at-home work week, dress with comfort. For Friday’s look pair your favorite oversized sweatshirt with a pair of comfortable denim jeans. This is the perfect fit to wear when wanting to complete errands or finish final work assignments.

Corinne Dorsey is an editorial writer with a focus on black womanhood, culture, and fashion writing.

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