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Liquid Chlorophyll

I was born with many skin problems. I have ichthyosis, which causes me to have dry, scaly skin; a mild form of eczema; and a melanin-producing problem that causes white spots to form on my skin when it’s in the sun for too long. All of this has resulted in countless hours and dollars spent talking to my dermatologist, so whenever I see new skin-care products emerge with people raving about them, I make sure to give them a try.

Recently, I saw people on Tik-Tok drinking liquid Chlorophyll — that is, putting drops of Chlorophyll into their drinking water. For a quick recap of high school biology, Chlorophyll is that green substance in plant leaves that makes them appear green and helps them absorb energy and get nutrients during photosynthesis. You’re probably wondering, why are people drinking it?

Liquid chlorophyll is said to have many health benefits, such as cancer prevention, improving the health of red blood cells, weight loss, and relieving constipation and gas. Recently, however, it is being used for its skin-related benefits. Basically, it is a concentrated form of an antioxidant. You consume chlorophyll every day when you eat your greens, but taking it in a liquid form can increase its benefits, especially if your diet isn't as green-heavy as you would like. People are claiming that drinking liquid chlorophyll has improved their skin texture, reduced acne, brightened their skin, and treated hyperpigmentation. To me, the product seemed too good to be true, so naturally, I rushed to my nearest Walmart to get some. Unfortunately, apparently, a lot of people had the same idea and the product was unavailable everywhere.

After waiting the tortuous three days it took to ship, I finally received my liquid chlorophyll. I added about 10 drops to my gallon water jug and drank it throughout the day. I bought a flavored one, so my water tasted a little like spearmint all day. I was expecting results in two to three weeks, based on the TikTok I had seen and was not disappointed.

A week in, I felt like my skin was more “glowy” than normal. Two weeks in, I saw my skin looking brighter and my acne reducing. After three weeks, my forehead acne was almost gone (keep in mind though, I didn’t have much), and my skin felt brighter and healthier. I was very surprised; usually those Tik-Tok before and after seem like scams, but they were actually true in this case. It was surprising for me to see results after just one week, and such a dramatic change in three weeks, since skincare products usually need to be diligently used for at least a month for them to have any real impact. I haven’t been taking it long enough to notice other supposed benefits like weight loss and better digestion, but the product has worked miracles for my skin. I know we all are wary of products we see get “hype” on social media platforms, but I would say this one is worth it. Give it a try and comment below if it helps your skin!

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