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How-to: Build the Perfect Charcuterie Board

By Sophie Wells

Charcuterie boards are honestly the perfect addition to any gathering or holiday, and they aren’t as difficult to make as one may think! Today, it is my pleasure to show you just how to create a beautiful board for everyone to enjoy.

Basic Ingredients

  • Fruit - Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, etc. are all acceptable! Adding some dried banana chips or mango slices would also be a great touch.

  • Vegetables - Stuffed olives and cornichons (mini pickles) are very popular additions to charcuterie boards. Cucumber is also appropriate, especially when paired with a nice hummus. Topping off your ingredients with some sprigs of rosemary or thyme at the end is an elegant way to present it all.

  • Cheese - The main attraction! There’s goat, brie, toscanino, havarti, gouda, blue, brillat-savarin, and many more. Slice your cheeses or leave them whole, it’s entirely up to you. My recommendation for a log of regular goat cheese is to drizzle some honey on top...They make a delicious combination.

  • Nuts - Almonds, pistachios, cashews, etc. all work. Just make sure your guests don’t have any nut allergies!

  • Meat - Salami, prosciutto, capicola, pepperoni, chorizo, soppressata, etc. are all perfect. Experiment with which meats pair nicely with which cheeses.

  • Crackers/Bread - These include sliced toasted baguettes, crisps, multi-grain crackers, multi-seeded crackers, pita crackers, Triscuits and more.

  • Jams/Jellies - Spicy or sweet, it’s up to you. While creating the board featured below, I used a hot and sweet pepper jelly from Trader Joe’s and it paired perfectly with every meat and cheese combination.

Arranging your ingredients into a gorgeous display is the most fun part (in my opinion). For your base, use a wooden decorative board or even a simple cutting board. Begin filling the board (or boards) with your cheeses and meats. Then, take a few, small, decorative bowls and fill them with your jams/jellies, fruits, hummus, or anything else you feel looks right. Don’t forget to lay out a few small knives for people to scoop their cheese, jams/jellies, and hummus. To finish, arrange your remaining items wherever they fit and top with your decorative herbs!

Sophie Wells is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, cooking and entertainment.

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