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How Awards Season Sets the Tone for the Upcoming Season’s Trends

Zara Rawoof on the impact of fashion week on red carpet trends, and ultimately, on your own wardrobe.

Whether it’s the Oscars, Grammys, or BAFTAs, everyone has their eyes on the most iconic awards shows. Suddenly the most unfashionable members of the couch viewing squad have strong opinions about the suits and gowns of celebrities who gracefully pose on the red carpet. News outlets have just as much to say as everyone else, and the most memorable style moments of the night are being memorialized with articles and posts online. But the fashion frenzy doesn’t just end there.

Woman with long blonde hair in a blue and magenta sleeveless dress posing in front of a tree with purple flowers.
Photo by Jayson Hinrichsen on Unsplash

The relationship between global fashion weeks and awards seasons is beneficial to both sides. Usually, major fashion weeks occur just a couple of weeks before the season’s most iconic awards show because fashion weeks set the tone for what’s hot. After strutting down the dark runways, those gowns are now adorning notorious actors and singers. Awards shows give designers a chance to introduce their creations with the help of the biggest stars. Keeping all this in mind, it makes sense that awards season has an impact on fashion. So what has this season told us about upcoming trends?

Starting with the Golden Globes last February, all looks were unique and special to the person wearing them. That said, there was a definite 60s color palette throughout the night. Cynthia Erivo spent the event wearing a chartreuse Valentino high-neck gown. The symmetrical lines of fabric ran down the dress, and she paired it with white gloves. Angela Bassett wore a deep purple number with feathers thrown over her right shoulder and trailing down her leg. Catherine O’Hara’s black and white outfit had curved lines with a retro feel that summed up the fashion vibe of the night. The 2021 SAG Awards also seemed to be inspired by the 60s-mod. Jared Leto rocked a lilac suit, and Viola Davis wore lime green. Elle Fanning drove the theme home in a striped purple and orange Gucci set.

Last but not least, the Grammys this year were highly anticipated and did not disappoint. Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift let the world know that spring had arrived; Dua Lipa wore an all crystal mesh gown with a butterfly bodice in light purple pink, and Swift wore various flowers attached to a long sleeve mini dress. Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat wowed in orange and green feathers, posing for pictures together on the red carpet. While every outfit was utterly unique and originally styled, all of the biggest style moments were categorized by coherent, retro themes. Between the patterns and color choices, these shows let their viewers know that the 60s are back.

What can you do to incorporate this into your wardrobe? Don’t be afraid of bold patterns. Minimalism is out, and it is time to be eccentric with your look. When it comes to color, nature-inspired, vibrant hues were all the rage 60 years ago. These events will encourage people to bring out a more colorful and fun wardrobe, just in time for warmer weather.

Woman in bold red outfit with white and black umbrella.
Photo Godwill Gira Mude on Unsplash

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