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Growing Through Music with Haven

By Catherine Michelle

Haven, the 20-year-old country turned pop singer is a force of creativity, honesty, and drive. As she launches into the next chapter in her career and a new stage in life, Haven took the time to talk to us about touring, family, the sacrifice that comes with chasing your passion, and releasing her newest most personal song yet, ‘Sad & Successful’. After touring and opening for country artists including Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes, Haven is ready to step into a new pop spotlight.

Haven grew up in Moville, Iowa, population 1,613 (2017). Surrounded by cornfields and horses, she was focused on sports as a child but always loved to sing. When she was five, she saw Shania Twain in concert and knew she wanted to be on stage one day but got sidetracked by sports. Haven is from an athletic family and excelled at competitive gymnastics and played several other sports until she got sick at the age of 10. The illness resulted in time in and out of hospitals, and that is when she turned to music and began writing songs.

“Music is what helped me through a tough time and once I got better, I continued to create music. If it wasn’t for that, I may not have ever had the time to explore music because I was so busy with sports. Everything works out for a reason.”

After deciding to pick up the guitar she took a few lessons to learn basic chords and then figured it out from there. Haven still writes all of her music, but her process has evolved over the years. “I write pretty much every day. When I was younger it was just me and my guitar writing and very organic. I once I got into more pop music it began to change. I go into a studio with a producer that already has a completed track and I vibe out and write to that mood and beat. It usually starts with the music and melodic side and the lyrics come after that.”

Prior to COVID-19, Haven was scheduled to go on a North American tour that has now been postponed. As she says, “The tour is still on, just moved back until it is safe for all. Safety first!” She had been preparing all-new material for her set which includes choreography, all new music, and outfits. “It is so much fun getting to try on different clothes for the tour. It’s your excuse to be fun and a little extra.”

Haven released her single, ‘Be With You’, in February which debuted at the #6 spot on Radio Disney and caught the attention of Selena Gomez who posted in support of the song on her Instagram page.

On April 3rd, her newest single ‘Sad & Successful’ was released on all platforms and this is her most personal song she has released yet. “It is about this journey I am one with my music. How I have been working toward this dream since I was ten, so I have been doing this for ten years. Traveling, being away from my family, living in Nashville alone, and now LA. I have had to make sacrifices. The day I wrote this song I was in the studio in LA and it was my dad’s birthday. My family was sending me pictures of them celebrating and having fun together. I thought, ‘is being here and going after this dream worth missing these occasions and my family?’” She wrote the song that evening in the studio with her producer who coincidently took a recording that night of Haven’s mom saying, “We love you, Kelsey”, through the phone, Haven’s real name. The audio clip can be heard at the end of the song.

Quickfire Questions:

What TV/ Movies you are loving right now?

This Is Us, Stranger Things, August Rush, Masterminds (Movie)

What music you are listening to right now?

Selena’s new album ‘Rare’, Julia Michaels, Bazzi, The Weeknd

What’s your favorite shower song?

‘I Feel Good’ by James Brown

What do you do in your free time?

You can find me at Panda Express or outdoors.

Be sure to go listen to Haven’s songs and follow her on Instagram at @iamhavenmusic.

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