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DIY Prom Preview

by Rachael Lovette

You received the cutest promposal, found the perfect dress, spent days planning the dinner, transportation, etc. with your friends...and now the event you've been looking forward to since forever is called off. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many of our readers this year -- and frankly it sucks. However, that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate in style. Here are three easy ways you can make up for your canceled event at home.

Prom With Mom No one is too big to play dress-up, just ask Lady Gaga. If you love spending time in mom’s closet trying on clothes, shoes, and jewelry now is your chance! Grab your perfect prom dress and pull out one of those tucked away sequined gowns or prom dresses in the back of mom’s closet for Prom with Mom. Spend the evening getting dressed up, in full glam and host a fun dinner party, with selfies (of course) with just you two.

Patio Prom This is your opportunity to create the prom you want in your own backyard. You can decorate your patio with literally anything. From stars and festive lighting to streamers and confetti, the sky's the limit to making your very own outdoor promenade. All you'll need is your perfect dress, some drinks and snacks, good music (hello Dreamlette Prom Playlist on Spotify), family members and/or a few friends -- with respect for social distancing of course.

Virtual Prom FaceTiming your boyfriend or girlfriend on a normal day is fine, but this is Prom. From Google Hangouts to Zoom and everything in between, figure out how big or small you want your guest list -- so choose wisely. After you’ve decided on who's coming and how you’re going to connect here’s a quick checklist for what’s next: Pick a theme, make a playlist (or use ours), set a date, decorate your space, and last but not least get glammed up!


Tag us in your DIY Prom photos on Instagram using @seraphinamagazine and the hashtag #dreamletteprom2020.

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