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"Dear Diary... My Instagram Was Hacked!"

Dear Diary, I am completely devastated. I disappeared from Instagram today. I woke up at 5 am and checked my phone, which I sometimes do when I can’t fall asleep. I saw an email, that I assumed was from Instagram, informing me of a “copyright issue” that needed my immediate attention. I clicked on the link, followed the prompts, and started to think the page looked sussy. Too late. Within seconds, Instagram informed me of a suspicious login, my password was changed, my email was changed, and my phone number was removed. I am now trying to log in but I am completely locked out. My account is gone. My stomach hurts.

Dear Diary, I can’t believe that in 10 minutes, I lost over 7,000 followers, hundreds of images, dozens of contacts, ambassadorships, discount codes, supportive messages, highlights, everything gone. And if that wasn’t enough, I just received another email, informing me my IG was hacked (ahem, I already know that) with a WhatsApp number to call. Can you believe the hackers now want money to restore my account? Should I? No, I’ll contact Instagram. I’m sure things like this happen all of the time.

Dear Diary, I have been trying for two hours to restore my account. I’ve Googled and read article after article but my hackers were very fast and very thorough. I can’t reverse what’s been done. I'm so frustrated. There is also no email to contact Instagram. All I can do is file a report from my mom's account. I’ve heard it is next to impossible to get a reply from Instagram. My fingers are crossed. This was such a random attack and I even sent pictures of the phishing emails. I think I can file a report with Facebook as well because my Instagram account was connected to my Business Facebook page. OK, wish me luck. Positive thoughts.

Dear Diary, It’s been over a week and I’ve filed a total of 14 reports without any semblance of a reply. Every day I file a report on Instagram and Facebook. I’m starting to give up hope that I can recover this account. My only option is to start a new account and keep filing reports, although I know I’m running out of time. I hope my old supporters will find me. I hope I was memorable enough for my business contacts to follow me back. I hope I can remember everyone I need to reconnect with. I’ll start by going over my body of work the last three years.

Dear Diary, my new account has been live for one week. I never did hear back from Instagram, but with over one billion users, I guess I’m not that surprised…or special LOL! I’ve learned my lesson and turned on two-factor authorization (fool me once). I am s-l-o-w-l-y building back my base. I hate when you have a new account and people follow you, only to unfollow you later. It seems like once you hit 1,000 followers, that stops for the most part. I have to keep reminding myself it took 3 years to build up my old account. I kind of love reposting my favorite images. I’ve been so lucky to have worked with so many talented photographers and fellow models. And I’ve recovered almost all of my business contacts (yay)!! Everyone has been so supportive and helpful.. I’m actually feeling pretty loved right now!! Today has been a really, really good day.

"This installment of Dear Diary is a first-hand account from teen model, Liv Cavano, of personal and professional events in her life along her modeling journey."

You can follow Liv on Instagram @livcavano1 and find out more about her projects and modeling adventures.


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