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Dear Diary...Finding My Personal Style

Dear Diary,

It is every little girls’ dream to dress up in whatever she wants. This dream comes true once a year when Halloween lets her choose to be a princess, astronaut, or game character. It’s fun to dress up, and dressing how you want and finding your own style is a big part of finding out who you are and expanding your confidence. I personally have always had a certain style I enjoyed dressing in, and it reflects my personality through my clothing. For one of my favorite photoshoots, I actually got to style outfits and hair and makeup. This was a big choice for me, as I wanted to make sure I chose outfits that the photographer would like. Luckily, I had already planned an idea in my head and was excited to try and put it into action. 

I wanted the photoshoot to reflect my own personal style and felt that if I was confident in my outfits it would help my pictures look more confident as well. I picked out some unique pieces and tried to make the outfits uniform and match each other in some way. I chose to do a clean and monochromatic color scheme as well as natural makeup to help the pictures have the “fresh” look that I always see in high-end magazines. To make the outfits stand out a bit more, I added a pop of bright green to each one through accessories. One had a bag, another had a belt, and the last one had a green bucket hat. My personal style could be described as an edgy street style with a modern twist. I wanted to make sure this came through in the photos, so I added personal touches such as braided hair, combat boots, and various streetwear pieces amongst other things. The entire team had a lot of fun trying different poses, angles, and locations. Wearing something I was confident in and felt good in really helped me feel more comfortable going out of my comfort zone by doing different poses and angles. In the end, the photos came out great and were accepted into Elegant Magazine. The photographer and makeup artist were both very happy with my choices too (they got to relax on the planning part) and told me it was nice to try different things. 

Personal style is a very important part of you. Your outfit, hair, and the way you carry yourself can tell a person who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world within seconds. While your personal style may change over your life or even between day to day, it always holds a piece of you within it. For example, if you are an outgoing person and you wear a lot of bright colors and bold patterns it shows that you are not afraid to be yourself and that you want people to see you for who you are. Others who may be shy might wear calmer clothing, such as solid colors and more laidback patterns. However, this can be switched up and mix and matched as everyone has a different style and personality. No matter what you wear, the key to rocking any outfit is to wear it with confidence and hold yourself up high. Feeling confident and comfortable with what you are dressed in will help others see you as the best version of yourself.

Style quiz!

1) When I hang out with friends, I like to dress in…

a. Something casual, jeans and a plain tee. Maybe a cute bag and sneakers.

b. Something cute, a dress with a pop of pink and pastel colors. Add a purse and some sweet flats.

c. Something sporty, leggings and a Nike hoodie. Sneakers are a must to run around in!

d. Something edgy, jeans and a black top. Some kind of boots and a cool backpack.

2) My Friends would describe me as…

a. Quiet and shy

b. Outgoing and loud

c. Funny and wild

d. Unpredictable and loyal

3) My favorite thing to do on a free day is…

a. Go to the mall with friends and get some lunch

b. Get my nails done and go to a nice dinner

c. Go bowling or go-carting

d. Go to a concert or Movie

4) If I could have a magical pet it would be…

a. A Nine tailed Fox

b. A Pegasus 

c. A Dragon

d. A Fire Phoenix

If you chose mostly A

Your style may be very casual and comfortable. You enjoy feeling comfortable and enjoying some quiet time or hanging with friends. You dress in solid colors and enjoy simple items for your outfits. No matter the outfit, you always look good.

If you chose mostly B

Your style may be girly and bold. You enjoy being with friends and trying on cute new clothes. You are always looking to improve your outfits and love going to fancy places and trying new things. You like to dress up occasionally and are very outgoing which is reflected in your amazing outfits.

If you chose mostly C

Your style may be sporty and energetic. Similar to casual styles you also like to be comfortable. You’re always on the move and looking for a new adventure. You love competitions and races and always do them in style. 

If you chose mostly D

Your style may be edgy and cool. You love to try out cool combinations of outfits and are seen as the cool friend. You can be wild and are always fun to be around. You enjoy street style and modern styles. You love to hang with friends and listen to music and should walk with confidence for your great style. 

by Kaitlyn Boyle

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