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Bria Danielle Singleton is More than Just Young Emily

Updated: May 13, 2021

By: Emily Jarecki

On April 9th, 2021, Thunder Force hit the big screen. At the time, Bria Danielle Singleton came together with her family at home to watch it on a big projector screen, and they watched their darling Bria star in it!

Singleton has been in the television industry almost since the day she was born. However, at just 15 years old, she landed the opportunity to act an unforgettable role: the role of young Emily in the movie Thunder Force.

The movie is about two childhood best friends that reunite to form a superhero duo with superpowers. It features Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, who plays the character Emily.

After her movie debut, Singleton is getting more serious about her acting career. But she credits her twin sister Brooke and her mom with her achievements so far. Her mom got her into the film industry at a young age and has been an amazing “mom-ager,” as Singleton calls her.

Bria has an exceptional bond with her sister. She has credited her sister, who is also an actress, with being her biggest supporter. Not even the competitive film industry can create rivalry or jealousy between the two. In fact, the two are partners and support each other. They frequently practice going over scripts and prepare for auditions together. Because of the pandemic, auditions are no longer in-person but are virtual or recorded. For Bria, online auditions come with challenges, but having her sister in the same room is a great help.

Bria and her sister have distinct styles of performance; Bria hopes to land more roles in drama films, saying, “I want to be diverse with my acting.” Not only does she want to experience new characters, but she is also keen to explore other sectors of the film industry.

Currently working on a school play, she is the assistant producer rather than an actress. “It’s a full-time job,” Bria says. Her greatest inspiration comes from Marsai Martin, the youngest executive producer in Hollywood, and she admits that she would love to become a producer as well.

Bria identifies with her character Emily because they are both academic. One of her non-negotiable goals is her education. Like her mom, she understands that school is very important and that you can’t trust acting all the time. Bria asserts that she wants to go to college to study psychology and marine biology. Even with her busy schedule, she works closely with an on-set teacher to ensure that she isn’t falling behind with school.

Being an actress, Bria has been to many places for auditions, but one of her favorite places was Atlanta, where she shot Thunder Force because it allowed her to visit the Civil Rights Museum. During a virtual reality experience, She witnessed an accurate representation of what it was like being an African American at the time of the movement. “My mom cried,” she says because the energy and experience were so powerful. It left a lasting impression on her.

On social media, she is very open about supporting movements like the End It Movement and Black Lives Matter while also supporting black actresses and advocating Juneteenth. She has also become a devoted vegetarian to support animal rights activism. One of Bria’s goals is to increase her activist outreach with her growing role as an actress. She hopes others can use their voice to bring change and justice for those unheard.

At just 15 years old, Bria Danielle Singleton has shown the world that she is a talented actress and that we will be seeing more of her in the future. However, she is far from satisfied and has ambitions to obtain a tertiary degree, become an activist, and maybe even work as a producer. It’s time to cue the theme song to her life, “Dancing in the Moonlight,” because Bria’s role in Thunder Force is only the beginning.

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