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Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Need to Buy From

By Gina Brogna

Black-owned brands deserve credit where it is due. For too long, black representation in beauty in both ownership of brands as well as products for black skin has been looked past. With a rise in awareness for black representation in current times, black-owned brands in beauty are rightfully taking the stage. The following are six black-owned beauty brands you need to check out and support now.

Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place offers excellent quality makeup including super long-lasting products for the face and extremely pigmented eyeshadow palettes. Founder Chichi Eburu before starting this brand had difficulty finding makeup that matched her skin tone and products that worked for her; so she created them herself. Inspired by the Rulers and Queens of the historic African Kingdoms, this brand offers stellar quality, rich, and vibrant products that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Fenty Beauty

While we all may be waiting for Rihanna’s next album, you don’t need to wait to get your hands on her amazing makeup products. Fenty Beauty excels beyond many of our most used makeup brands and offers 50 different foundation shades, promising to match anybody’s skin tone. It is rare to see even some of the most popular makeup brands today come close to this level of representation, so Fenty takes the cake with their inclusivity. Rihanna’s brand was created upon the need for inclusivity in the makeup industry and promises to be a perfect go-to brand for anyone and everyone’s cosmetic needs. Let’s not forget about her iconic lip gloss, though. Have your lips popping like never before with her legendary Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb.

Pat McGrath

If you're skeptical about trying new brands and need guaranteed perfect products, trust Pat McGrath Labs. Pat McGrath has been called the most influential and sought after Makeup Artist in the world, and has been included in Time’s top 100 most influential people in 2019. Her amazing, luxurious makeup products stand by her title and are the perfect trustworthy products you need to try ASAP.

Thank God It’s Natural (TGIN)

This affordable haircare brand offers high-quality hair care products for hair with curls, kinks, and waves. As an Amazon #1 Bestseller and sold in many well known retail and beauty supply stores, this brand is accessible to anybody and avoids harm to hair with their all-natural ingredients.

Not only are you using great quality haircare products with this brand, but you are supporting a larger cause. Founder Chris-Tia Donaldson uses her success to advocate for women who have financial difficulty, women who are undergoing cancer treatment (as she is a breast cancer survivor herself), as well as advocating for equality in healthcare and overcoming the racial and economical factors that hinder this. TGIN is a truly inspiring brand that offers more than just a good product.

Beauty Bakerie

With the “have your cake and eat it too” attitude, Beauty Bakerie is a black-owned brand that offers smudge-proof makeup, no longer needing to worry about how your makeup will look throughout the day. Beauty Bakerie was founded on an inspiring story, founder Cashmere Nicole becoming a young mother at 16 years old who hustled to earn everything she has, this is a raw, honest brand that deserves every bit of spotlight. Not to mention, Beauty Bakerie products are packaged to look like real, adorable bakery goods, which makes them an essential alone! Have your makeup collection looking like a real-life bakery with these products.

Base Butter

Base Butter was founded on the need for skincare products that are not doing more bad than good and products that actually work. With Base Butter’s cruelty-free, gentle products, this is a perfect brand to try for oily and combination skin types as well as acne-prone skin. Base Butter knows that many products out there can harm your skin more than it does to help it, and understands that your skin needs safe products that protect. Try their Radiate Face Jelly, the #1 Aloe vera-based gel moisturizer to keep your skin balanced and hydrated.

Trying any of these brands will not leave you disappointed. These black-owned brands are all created on the foundations of incredibly inspiring stories and backgrounds and serve as the representation this industry needs. Check out these brands to give back to more than just a good quality product.

Gina Brogna is an editorial writer who specializes in fashion and beauty trends as well as fashion event coverage.

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