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Best Horror Films to Watch This Halloween

by Delanee Ensley

Halloween is the time for scary movies, so get ready to pop some popcorn and cue up one of these terrifying movies!

1. “The Conjuring” Series

“The Conjuring” movies have become a great series to follow! With the first movie coming out in 2013, these movies have turned into a phenomena! I am a little biased by putting this at number one since it is my favorite horror movie series. This series includes “The Conjuring” movies, “Annabelle” movies, and “The Nun.” There are the perfect amount of jump scares. It’s time to get excited because “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” came out this year!

2. “Scream”

This movie, like many great movies, opens with a scary scene. Within the first 20 minutes, we watch as Drew Barrymore is murdered by someone in a scary mask. Throughout the movie, we are led on a mysterious adventure to find out who wears the Scream mask, and you will truly be shocked! “Scream” has a great cast with some familiar faces, including Courtney Cox and Skeet Ulrich! So get cozy, and remember, don’t answer the phone!

3. “Hereditary”

Though this movie might not be necessarily classified as horror, it sure has some scary moments! This thriller has some eerie and confusing moments. Although it can be hard to follow at some points, it is definitely worth the watch. I can’t give much away in fear that I would ruin the movie, but I will say to stick with it. It’s a fantastic watch!

4. “Carrie”

Steven King has been said to be the king of horror novels.“Carrie” is a book-to-movie adaptation, and it’s no joke! There is a 1976 version and a 2013 version, and both are truly terrifying. Carrie is a girl with telekinetic powers and an abusive religious mom. Carrie struggles at school with bullying, and everything comes to a head at prom. So grab your two best friends and queue it up! This is not a movie to watch alone.

5. “A Quiet Place” and “A Quiet Place Part II”

What if you were forced to be quiet all the time, or you would be killed? These films give you the answers you have been looking for. Power couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the stars of these movies, and they sure know how to work a camera! The first film came out in 2018, with the second not coming out far behind in 2020. So get comfortable, and make sure to be quiet; you never know who’s listening!

6. “False Positive”

This movie came out this summer on Hulu, a little early for Halloween, but still perfect for the season. The plot is about a pregnant woman who realizes a little too late that her doctor, played by Pierce Brosnan, is not as kind and generous as he may seem. With Sophia Bush (“One Tree Hill” anyone?) playing the female protagonist’s best friend, you know this will be one hell of a watch!

These movies are perfect for anyone who is new to horror movies or just wants something new to watch. So get ready because spooky season is just around the corner!

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