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Behind The Scenes of Fashion: Part 5: PR and Advertising

By Reagan Dellinger

Hi there! Long time no see! It’s Reagan here with some behind the scene looks on different creatives. This time will feature my expertise… public relations and advertising. This is what I am earning my bachelor’s degree in and although I’m going to be a senior this year, I still don’t know everything. The world of advertising and public relations continuously evolves and gets more complicated by the second. But, it is one of the most important roles in fashion. Why, you may ask? Image, publicity and credibility.

What is the point of a brand if no one knows about it? Or likes it? It’s pointless, right? This is what PR and advertising specialists do. They work to rebrand the image constantly so that it’s relevant to buyers and potential customers. In order for a fashion brand to do well, people have to actually like the image and what the brand stands for. PR specialists, also known as marketers, often find a niche or group of people to tailor the brand’s image to and stick with it. Part of being in this industry is being able to accept the fact that you can’t please everyone… which is something your girl (me) needs to work on.

On top of this, a brand needs to be credible. For example, a poorly executed advertising campaign with a non-legit model may not be much help for the company. People want to know that the brand they are putting their time and money into is real, authentic and, in most cases, politically correct. You may not remember this, but last year, Gucci released a collection of sweaters that covered your whole face. There were holes in it for your eyes and mouth, of course. Immediately, reviewers and customers took offense to the collection, relating it to pre-historic “black face” movements and racism. It was a huge problem for Gucci, and the public relations and advertising employees had to work tirelessly to turn it around and fix what they had done. In order to do this, they had to release multiple press releases, update social media, come up with new marketing strategies and answer any and all questions asked about the risky move Gucci had made.

So, if you love writing, coming up with social media posts, planning and are good with people and communicating, public relations and advertising may be your forte. I especially love it because it’s like the creative side of business, but with no math… or large numbers. And if you’re a creative-mind like me, you’ll understand. Until next time, Dreamlettes!

Reagan Dellinger is an editorial writer who specializes in all things Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram.

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