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Behind The Scenes of Fashion: Part 4: Photographers

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

By Reagan Dellinger

Quick, strike a pose! Hi there, me again… here to spread some knowledge and talk about how there is so much more to being a fashion photographer than just taking pictures and yelling, “Work it, girl!” In order to be a good photographer, especially one in fashion, you have to wear many hats. This means that you have to know who or what you’re photographing and how you want to portray it. You have to choose your location wisely and make sure the aesthetic matches what you’re going for. After your photos are taken, you complete the finishing touches by going through every single photo and editing them, making sure they tell a story somehow.

A good fashion photographer makes a model who they are in the public eye. They are behind every photo you see in a magazine and the minds behind the brilliant fashion campaigns. They are the ones up front at every fashion show and exhibit and the ones who hold how a person or brand is portrayed in the palm of their hands.

A photographer's most important job is to capture an unforgettable image. In order to do this, they have to start out with a vision. And before creating a vision, they have to know who and what they’re shooting for and the audience they are trying to reach. Then they have to use their photos to make a cultural connection to those viewing it. If something is not relevant in today’s world, no one will pay attention or take the time to admire it. For example, what is going on in the world right now? What do people care about? How can this photo make a difference or inspire others?

Once a photographer goes through this process, it will be time to shoot. But the work doesn’t stop there. Shoot days are a lot of work, and the photographer is like the creative director. By this, I mean they assign everyone roles for the day, make sure they have all of the equipment and accessories necessary for the photos and give direction to the models or arrange the products they are shooting—they pretty much decide everything that happens behind and on the scene. Then when the shoot is done, their technical work begins. This consists of picking out the best photos and making sure the edit and colors are perfect.

I’ll be the first to admit, photographers are BOSSES! Who knew they did so much and had so much power behind the camera? To me, if you love taking pictures, being a leader and have a creative mind, this could just be the perfect job for you!

If you have been keeping up with this series, you probably remember the very first one where I talked about my time in London. While there studying fashion, I was able to learn about many amazing people in the industry and even visit some exhibits with their own personal work on display. There, I fell in love with Andy Warhol, because he is so much more than a man behind a camera. By this, I mean that he makes his images so much more than just a picture on a camera. If you’re not familiar with him, I recommend looking him up and researching his way of portraying art and people. He tells a story with every picture and piece of art he creates. Good photographers are ones who redefine what it means to capture a photo and tell a story—and we believe that you have that creative energy in you. Dream big, Dreamlettes!

Reagan Dellinger is an editorial writer who specializes in all things Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. Follow her on Instagram.

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