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Autumn Playlist: What’s Natalie Listening to?

By Natalie Daniels

As a big lover of music, I like to base my listening on the changing of the season. For example, I have artists and albums I dedicate for the autumn, winter, spring, and summer. What’s great about listening to music in autumn is the different categories! You can have a cozy playlist, road trip playlist, Halloween playlist, the list goes on and on!

Here are my best playlist picks for autumn.

Cozy Playlist

Whether you’re baking a pie or snuggling up with a nice warm mug of apple cider, here are some songs that get me in the mood.

1. “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran

While it even has autumn in the title, Ed Sheeran’s smooth vocals carry this song. With beautiful lyrics, the piano and guitar give the feeling of floating. This lands the listener in the middle of comfort and realization about how fast life passes us by.

2. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

With powerful lyrics and a gentle guitar, this song is perfect for a chilly fall day. The raspy vocals of lead singer Stevie Nicks bring a form of beauty and comfort.

3. “Someone New” by Hozier

I honestly could put any Hozier song on here and it would fit the autumn playlist. This one is just one of my favorites to sing and dance along to.

4. “Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg

Nothing gives me more of an autumn vibe than a coffee shop. And it’s a cute love song. What more could you want?

5. “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

This song is full of heartbreak, but I think that’s what makes it perfect for this playlist. Taylor always loves incorporating fall in her music especially with the specific lyric “the autumn leaves falling like pieces into place.”

6. “September Song” by Frank Sinatra

Here’s a more classic song. The vocals and the instruments just make the song feel like I’m going on a mystical imaginary journey. I feel like I’m in a story with a beginning and an end.

7. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Diamond

With a folky type of feel, this song puts me right in the mood for fall. Harvest in the title also helps prove its case that it’s an autumn song.

8. “Autumn In New York” by Billie Holiday

I just love listening to older classics. There are some beautiful and romantic feelings when listening. This song describes a typical autumn day in New York, as the title says.

9. “October Song” by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has a way of carrying a song no matter how it sounds. I can imagine myself dancing around as I’m baking a pie listening to this song and screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs.

10. “Norweigan Wood” by The Beatles

I had to have a Beatles song on this playlist. The experimental sound of this song just enthralls me. This song is pure magic.

Road Trip Playlist

Here are some songs for that long autumn drive.

1. “State of Grace” by Taylor Swift

I would include her whole album “Red” if I could. This song has a perfect pace and descriptive lyrics to sing along in the car.

2. “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve

This is my go-to road trip song of all of the time. The song isn’t too optimistic as the lyrics just talk about how we work until we die. For me, this is the song where I stick my head out the window and pretend I’m in a music video.

3. “Sedona” by Houndmouth

The lyrics are too sweet not to include on this playlist. It’s a nice song to play with the windows down.

4. “Country Roads Take Me Home” by John Denver

While I don’t live in the country, I love listening to this song. It’s a comforting song about yearning to return home. It’s perfect especially if you’re coming home from a long trip.

5. “Red” by Taylor Swift

As you can tell, I’m a pretty big Taylor Swift fan. This song uses colors to describe moments, emotions, and objects that remind Taylor of her former relationship. It reminds me of all the changing leaves in autumn. It’s a fun song to blast at full volume and sing while driving.

6. “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

This song is so wholesome and precious. It’s also a classic road trip song. I couldn’t forget it.

7. “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine

This song is one of my favorites to play in the car. It gives me so much adrenaline and serotonin when I hear it. Florence Welch’s witchy personality also helps make the song a great choice for autumn.

8. “Kids” by OneRepublic

This is another one of those “look out the window and pretend you’re in a music video” type of songs. It talks about childhood and reminiscing on times of youth making it a wonderful autumn road trip song.

9. “Light On” by Maggie Rogers

She just knows how to write the perfect song for the right season. The vocals and the instrumentals make this song so much more powerful.

10. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

This song has the word car in the title, so it already meets the road trip playlist requirement. This song brings me a lot of nostalgia since I grew up listening to it. The vocals and the guitar really pull the song along.

Halloween Playlist

When planning the ultimate Halloween party or just wanting to feel those fun and spooky vibes, make sure to play these tunes.

1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

In my opinion, this is the ultimate Halloween song. With its groovy beat along with frightening lyrics, you can’t refrain from getting up and dancing along.

2. “Monster Mash” by Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers

This brings me back to Halloween dances from elementary school. It’s just a fun, cute song that brings a lot of nostalgia.

3. “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.

It is a part of the soundtrack of the famous movie with the same name. I never get tired of listening to it when Halloween comes around.

4. “I Put A Spell On You” by Nina Simone

This song is a lot slower and more sensual than the ones before. Simone sings about her lover and how she will do everything in her power to make them stay. She’ll even “put a spell” on them. Her deep and beautiful vocals cause me to be put in a trance. There’s also a quirky cover of the song in the film “Hocus Pocus,” and it does not disappoint.

5. “This is Halloween” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

There’s always an ongoing argument whether “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween or Christmas movie. For this playlist, it is a Halloween movie. Although I was spooked by the movie and refused to watch it as a little girl, I have a newfound appreciation for the film and soundtrack. The song is the best combination of fun and fearful.

6. “Disturbia” by Rihanna

This song opens up a lot of memories from my childhood. It’s a catchy tune that’s awesome to dance to even if it’s about Rihanna losing her mind.

7. “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I could include the whole movie soundtrack for this playlist, but I decided to stick with this song. The funky beat and the easy-to-follow dance moves from the movie make this song a Halloween classic! I guarantee if you play this song, you’ll have everybody on their feet trying to do the dance.

8. “The Addams Family” by Vic Mizzy

This one is short but worth the listen. You won’t be able to refrain from snapping and singing along.

9. “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

This has to be one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs. Along with Wonder’s soulful voice and groovy sound, the lyrics capture Halloween perfectly. The song goes into detail of crazy things happening that can only be explained by the supernatural.

10. “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

To finish off the playlist we have this wild song. With lyrics saying to “dance ‘til you’re dead,” this song encapsulates the energy of a Halloween dance. I recommend checking out the Glee cast cover of this song. They mash the song with “Thriller.” It’s pretty cool.

Now, these are just songs that I enjoy for fall. You may like some. You may not like others. That’s okay! Make a playlist with songs that remind you of autumn!

Natalie Daniels is an editorial intern for Dreamlette. She is a journalism major at Emerson College with a love of storytelling. Her favorite topics include entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, social issues, and music.

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