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The Future is Heroic with Ariana Greenblatt

Article by Wendy Davila

Every time Ariana Greenblatt drives past the “Love and Monsters” billboard on Sunset Blvd.  Los Angeles, California she sees herself and is reminded of her passion for acting and her mission in the world. Greenblatt is only 13 and she is taking the world by storm, in 2019 she made it on The Hollywood Reporter “Young Hollywood's” list and has only continued to thrive from there.  

Greenblatt started off dancing and always envisioned herself on Broadway but after a few general meetings on family vacations to L.A., she fell in love with the idea of acting. “I just always loved becoming a character, I loved dressing up and really transforming myself into different people,” Ariana expresses “When I got the opportunity to do my first two roles I loved reading their backstory and creating a cool world around the person I would be”. 

Her very first debut was at the young age of six in Disney Channel’s show Liv and Maddie in which she played Raina. She has been featured in films such as The One and Only Ivan, played Young Gamora in The Avengers: Infinity War, and continues to play characters that embody the strong independent woman that she already is. 

Greenblatt may be young, but she can portray her characters with the strength that she already possesses. In Love and Monsters, which premiered October 16th, 2020, she plays Minnow who is a “super cool, tough, warrior and survivor” as described by Ariana. She finds bits of her personality in all of her characters but sees herself most in Minnow due to them both being “tough, sarcastic and funny”.  

Ariana fell in love with Australia during her time there filming for Love and Monsters. She was able to take a quick two-minute helicopter trip over the jungle with rewarding views, see koalas but most importantly build a strong bond with her coworkers. “Every coworker I’ve worked with I try to have a strong relationship with them and they teach me little tricks that I keep in my bag that I can take out while I’m on set,” Ariana explains “They are definitely mentors and I just love them so much, they’re like family to me”. 

The entertainment industry gets stressful from time to time but what keeps Ariana going is the aspect of storytelling whether they be scary, sad, happy etc. “What motivates me is taking a step back and knowing that this is really my passion and this my craft and I love it love it so so so much”. She is ready to tell the “many cool stories” that are ready to be told and work alongside amazing people. Ariana considers herself to be a storyteller whether it's behind the scenes or on film but one day she hopes to write her scripts and even be a director. 

“Being a Latina girl within the Hollywood industry is very hard on itself and I think that Hollywood has to change quickly to really be more diverse and to have Latinas and many others be a main role”. 

Ariana has found that being Latina has been hard considering the lack of diversity in the industry but she wants to be the person for others to inspire them that anything is truly possible. She is Puerto Rican and proud, and she hopes to play strong Latina roles in the future and pave the road for others who have the same aspirations as her.

Even though she sees a prominent future in acting, education holds a special place in her heart, and plans on attending a University when she is 18. She wants to learn more about behind the scenes of the industry, the business side and so much more. She is only 13 but has her eyes set on Stanford, Harvard, or even an acting school in London. 

“I would love to do horror movies, I grew up watching scary movies in my household and always loved them,” Ariana has a special love for action and comedy films but especially horror, “I love jump scares and I want to be behind the scenes and play a scary character”. Greenblatt loves Halloween and already has a costume planned for this year's Halloween. She plans on being Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. Picking her favorite horror movie is hard but to list a few; The Shining, Freddy Krueger, It and everything clowns, “It’s so funny because I’m so terrified of clowns but  I love clowns in scary movies”. For this spooky season, she recommends you watch “The Shining” and The Babadook which gave her the creeps. 

With COVID-19 running wild and quarantine putting life on pause, Ariana has found ways to cope with this new way of life.

A typical day for her starts by waking up, getting school work done, attending an audition, playing with her dog, and ultimately keeping herself busy around the house. “I love painting and drawing, and being creative in everything I do,” expresses Greenblatt, “practicing guitar and going on bike rides and keeping myself motivated”. She is even on TikTok along with her friends; you can find her creating an array of videos that range from making lunch, random days in her life, or whatever she wants to talk about that day. She finds that TikTok is a great way and outlet for expressing herself. 

Photographer: Tiziano Lugli | Stylist: Zadrian Smith | Hair Stylist: Paul Norton | Make-Up Artist: Fabiola

When it comes to self care her number one thing on her list is sleeping in until three P.M. Once she wakes up she gets ready and then makes herself a healthy lunch, gets a workout in, and ultimately takes the day for herself. You can find her watching movies, reading, and Facetiming her friends. While on set for Awake, a movie she stars in as Matilda on Netflix, she learned a few tricks and tips from Gina Rodriguez on how to crochet. “I definitely took the tip with me, I crochet a lot of scarves and blankets which are always good Christmas gifts”. Ariana loves to cook and bake and loves to try out recipes from her Mom’s side of the family. She finds comfort in Puerto Rican dishes but especially her mom’s Arroz con Pollo. 

Her music taste is just as diverse as the roles she plays on set, she loves listening to Billie Eilish, Oasis, The Smiths, The Cure. Choosing a favorite song is hard but her top three consists of Channel by Frank Ocean, My Future by Billie Eilish, and My Favorite Liar by The Wrecks which you can find her jamming out to every time she streams them. 

She is a young Latina actress who is ready to change the industry and make it more inclusive. “I just really want to inspire young LatinaX and I want to make sure they know that you honestly can do anything no matter where you’re from, who you are or what you look like,” Ariana says with so much passion, “You can do anything if you’re really passionate and love it so much”.  Ariana Greenblatt may be young but one day she’ll be on a billboard in Times Square and taking the world by storm, more than she is now. 

You can support Ariana on her Instagram @ariana_greenblatt.

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