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Are Instagram Reels the New Fad?

By Natalie Daniels

Instagram has introduced a new feature to their app called Instagram Reels. Like Tik Tok, users will be able to create 15-second videos with different audio, effects and creative tools that can be shared to friends or everyone.

With Reels, Instagram allows you to select from one of the options on the bottom of the Instagram camera. When you click the option, you see a variety of tools on the left side including audio, augmented reality effects, timer and countdown, alignment of previous clips and speed. These Reels can be recorded all in one take or a series of clips put together.

To create your own Reel, you click on the different tools you want for your video, then click the Reel camera button and pause when needed.

When trying my own Reel for the first time, it took me a while to get the hang of filming myself while adding filters at the same time. But also I have never filmed my own Tik Tok so that was probably the reason I struggled at first. When I got it down, it was very fun to do and got my creative juices flowing.

What makes it different from Tik Tok? Honestly, besides the 15-second limit, the music options, the lack of tools compared to Tik Tok and the platform it’s on, it’s not much different. It’s almost like a carbon copy.

While it’s cool to see Reels on a platform like Instagram where selfies and videos are shown 24/7, it’s not special. I think Tik Tok has a better idea of the trend because they dedicate their platform to showing 60-second videos.

I think if Instagram finds a way to make Reels distinct from Tik Tok, they would stand out and the update would be more interesting for me and others. At the same time, I would rather have Instagram find new methods of enticing users—create new ways to be ahead of the curb. There is no need for another version of Tik Tok.

Natalie Daniels is an editorial intern for Dreamlette. She is a journalism major at Emerson College with a love of storytelling. Her favorite topics include entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, social issues, and music.

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