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An Alternative to the Salon: Press-On Nails

By Gina Brogna

Quarantine has left our nails desperate for some needed attention. With our favorite nail salons being closed, press-on nails have become a popular alternative to the salon. Press-ons are quick and easy to apply, reusable, oftentimes more affordable, and more temporary for your nails if you like to switch it up. This foolproof way of doing your nails will have your manicure looking perfect without the commitment and expense of a beautiful set. These are some of the hottest brands in press-ons that you need to check out:

KISS Nails

KISS is quite known for their variety of beauty items including nail products, lash products, and hair tools. KISS has always been a go-to brand for press-ons, but lately, their nail game has leveled up to new heights. Whether you like a classic french set, a simple nude, or glam claws with gems, designs, and more, KISS has a set for you.

KISS has multiple different collections of press-on nails to choose from; from their Fantasy Collection, Everlasting French, Masterpiece Collection, Salon Acrylic, and their imPRESS Press-On Manicure Collection. Choose from hundreds of different styles for all your nail needs. Not only does KISS supply us with gorgeous, ready-to-go manicures, but offers an array of beautifully designed, press-on pedicure sets as well at the same affordable prices. Comfortable and easy to apply, your toes will thank you for this one.

With their sets ranging in price from $6 - $12, you can have salon perfect nails for just a fraction of the cost. KISS Nails are available online, and at most drugstores near you.


Static Nails

Static Nails are another press-on brand that is sure to give you a perfect manicure in just minutes. Offering a collection of beautiful, glossy sets from natural nudes to bold reds and everything in between, Static Nails keeps it classy. These press-ons are perfect if you’re looking for a timeless, “less is more” effect in your manicure. Static’s sophisticated sets are guaranteed to compliment any occasion.

At prices ranging from $14 - $16, this makes for an affordable salon alternative while still achieving a fresh set that looks like you’ve just paid an expensive price for your perfect mani.

(Check out @staticnailsofficial on Instagram, or visit

If your manicure style is still on another level of extra, we’ve got you covered. Check out these growing press-on nail businesses that offer beautifully handcrafted, excellent quality press-ons that meet your every extra, glam-nail need:

Dooby’s Nails

Dooby’s Nails is the place to go to find any and every style manicure you can think of. With over hundreds of different instant mani’s, Dooby’s Nails carries everything from simple classics to glitz and glam sets that go beyond the “wow” factor, and everything in between. You’re guaranteed to have the best looking nails wherever you go with whatever set you choose, and nobody will know they aren’t from the salon.

Dooby’s Nails sets typically range from a price of $14-$40, depending on the level of extra you want to go. Play it safe or play it loud and bold, you can’t go wrong.

(Check out @doobysnails on Instagram, or visit

Sirena Reena’s Boutique

Tested and fabulous approved, Sirena Reena’s Boutique offers some of the best top quality and affordable press-on nails in the market. Each set is hand-crafted from scratch to ensure your set is the perfect fit and make for you specifically. Not to mention, you can order entirely custom sets; if there’s something you have in mind for your mani that you can’t find anywhere, Sirena has got you covered. From initial order to your doorstep, these nails are crafted custom with precision and care. Order from a variety of different lengths from short to XL, and nail shapes like square, coffin, stiletto, almond, and more.

Supporting small businesses is an excellent way to support our communities and help build the dreams of those who chase them. Founder and Owner, Sirena, is a one-woman business who has established a successful, growing brand that earns every 5-star review she has. Sirena Reena’s Boutique offers countless unique designs and nail styles, as well as classic sets like solid colors, natural ombre, and french tips. For any nail occasion, Sirena Reena’s Boutique is sure to have you looking glamorous, fabulous, and confident.

Press-on prices at Sirena Reena’s Boutique typically range from $35-$60; being a well worth price for the sets you receive. With these beautifully intricate designs, salon prices would have you paying double. Check out this shop for some luxurious looking, red carpet level claws.

(Check out @sirenareenasboutique on Instagram, or visit

Pop Off Nails

If you love a long mani with pastels, cherry blossoms, and other floral designs, Pop Off Nails brings us some (very) aesthetically pleasing sets that give us bubble gum and cotton candy fantasies. These beautiful press-ons will have everybody asking you what salon you go to, and you should let them in on the secret!

Pop Off Nails prices are in the $25-$50 range, all depending on what level you want to take your nails.

(Check out @popoffnails on Instagram, or visit

If you want long-lasting results for each set, prep your nails by filing them and removing all oils with alcohol before gluing on your nails to have your mani last just as long as a fresh salon set (try KISS Maximum Speed nail glue, ranging from $2 - $4 at your local drugstore). If you like to switch up your nail game on the regular or need a perfect mani in a pinch for an occasion, use some sticky tabs to secure your nail for up to a few days.

No matter which brand you choose to shop, you’re guaranteed to have the hottest nails without the salon cost. For gorgeous, reusable, and hassle-free manicures (and pedicures!) ready in just minutes, hop on this new way to nail. You’ll love your new nails, and your new nails will love you back for this.

Gina Brogna is an editorial writer who specializes in fashion and beauty trends as well as fashion event coverage.

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