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5 Products To Help With Anxiety

by Delanee Ensley

Anxiety can be difficult to handle, especially with going back to school and new challenges. Coping with stress is an important tool to learn, so next time you are feeling anxious, try these products to help you through!

FOMI Lavender Gel Mask

This mask is filled with lavender-scented temperature beads. These beads allow you to heat the mask up in the microwave or put it in the freezer for a warm or cold relaxing moment. This mask also lessens headaches and soothes puffy eyes!

TaoTronics Therapy Lamp

Tired of feeling depressed during the winter? This therapy lamp is perfect! By turning it on, you can have faux sunlight and allow yourself the happiness you feel in the sun all year round. There are many different light settings, so it’s not too bright or not too dull. The best part about this product is it’s totally portable!

Vie Healing Ear Seeds

Acupuncture is becoming a popular form in order to treat stress. With these ear seeds, you can use acupuncture on the go! These seeds are do-it-yourself acupuncture for your ear; it comes with amap for placement within the ear and easy instructions. If you are nervous about putting them in yourself, you can always see an acupuncturist. The best part, they look cute!

MODM Gua Sha Face Tool

If ear seeds aren’t your thing, but you still want to try acupuncture, this tool should do the trick! Running this jade stone up and down your face allows you to hit the acupuncture points that increases blood circulation and gives you a sense of calm. They are also perfect for massaging your face and giving yourself glowing skin!

A List a Day Journal

Writing is definitely a coping mechanism for anxiety, but sometimes you are just unsure of what to write. This journal gives you 100 different lists for 100 different days. Writing allows you to get out of your head, and with prompts like “Dream Jobs,” you can imagine what your life can be!

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