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5 Girl Group Costumes To Coordinate This Halloween

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

By Jennah Owda

It’s finally a spooky season, and this year's costumes are going to be some of the best ones yet. The only thing better than matching couples costumes is matching girl group costumes. It can be difficult to come up with and agree on a costume when it comes to larger groups, so here are 5 costume ideas for the girls!

Winx Club

If you were born in the early 2000s, then you most likely grew up watching “Winx Club.” A group of high school fairies casually saving the universe is probably the most girl boss mission ever to be accomplished—not to mention the diversity of the group. This look can be easily accomplished with a butterfly sequined top, a skirt, and a pair of wings to match your character!

Destiny’s Child

While Spice Girl costumes are cute, they have become overdone and basic! It’s time to shine a light on a girl group that our very own Queen B was in. The iconic “Say My Name” music video outfits would be perfect to replicate in a girl group of three. The vibrant orange worn in the video is the trendiest color this fall, so it’s perfect for this Halloween.

Monster High

Like “Winx Club,” “Monster High” was a show we were all watching as kids. This may be the best and most aesthetically pleasing Halloween costume yet. Not only are the outfits trendy and vibrant, but the hairstyles and makeup looks that come with the characters are unique and fun! This is your chance to paint your face green with your girls and highlight your hair with vibrant colors.

Hannah and Lola

There is nothing wrong with your girl group consisting of you and your best friend. Every Miley needs their Lily, and every Hannah needs their Lola. To accomplish this look, a long blonde wig and a short, vibrant bob are necessary. Along with the fun wigs are some classic Y2K Disney star outfits that include wearing a dress with jeans, a random scarf, and of course, a layering of colorful tank tops.

The Cheetah Girls

Last but not least are The Cheetah Girls. If your friend group is diverse and loves to be comfortable yet cute, then this costume may be the perfect fit for your group! The Cheetah Girls are known for being a diverse friend group, and they are also known for their velvet tracksuit look that is finally back in style.

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