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Dreamlette Magazine, a New Face Magazine affiliate,

is a teen/tween online magazine that

celebrates and empowers ambitious youth. 


Since March 2019, Dreamlette (formerly Seraphina) has served as a guide and resource for teens and tweens living the Dreamlette life. What is a Dreamlette? Think of the new and improved #girlboss 2.0, starring the centennial generation with a huge heaping of save the world. 

Dreamlette Magazine is extremely proud of our diversity and our feature stories reflect our personal vision of an inclusive future. Stories that spotlight celebrity dreamlettes on how they started, triumphed, failed, and kept working for their dream. But, Dreamlette also shares the fun, personal tidbits: like how to make their favorite smoothie or perform a viral TikTok dance! Every issue is packed full of tips, trends, brand reviews, editorials, and creations from our ever-growing community!

Our vision: To provide our readers with informative content and a community they value and trust.


Partnering with Dreamlette is more than advertising. It makes you a part of our growing community and strengthens your commitment to building a global movement for a better future alongside celebrities who embody, support, and represent, our mission. In partnering with us, you will become a part of our expanding, multicultural community, and reach even more of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, performers, creatives, and activists. 

Interested? There are two ways you can sponsor Dreamlette Magazine: by sponsoring a magazine issue or by sponsoring our email newsletter.

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If you’re interested in a sponsorship opportunity or would like to know more, please e-mail us here.

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